The ‘New’ E! Fashion Police

fashion-police-promo-brad-goreski-kathy-griffinWith the death of Joan Rivers last year it was ripe fodder for blog guessing and fashion opining just who would-if anyone-take over as the host of E!’s Fashion Police show. Rumors abounded, and then nuggets of the changes came through, to be confirmed just recently. Comedian/Joan Rivers super fan and quite the snarky fashion commentator herself Kathy Griffin will indeed join the show as the new host (which begins post Golden Globes on 1/12 at 9pm EST on E!). Old’ F.P. regulars, Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic, plus newcomer Brad Goreski, will join her to dish the dirt on celebrity couture. Joan River’s daughter Melissa will produce.

In a tip-of-her-hat to the New Year, her new job and her dearly departed friend, Griffin actually wore a black Dennis Basso fur coat when she appeared with Anderson Cooper New Years Eve; the coat was Rivers’. Griffin also managed to dye Cooper’s hair red and blue on live T.V., once again proving her unpredictability…a brazenness E! is surely counting on to cull viewers to the new F.P.

There seems to be no limit to the mayhem Griffin might lead the Fashion Police to, as Griffin herself warned celebrities in a promo clip for the show. She states “Anything you wear an and will be held against you,” and Kelly Osbourne adds her own: “You have the right to remain stylish” quip.

(In other ‘reboot/return’ T.V. show news, Osbourne and her infamous, wacky family-rocker dad Ozzy in tow, now clean-will be returning for a short run of The Osbournes, the show that made Kelly and her family household names.)

As we seem to be inundated with ever more Hollywood award shows-self congratulatory and/or well meaning-and infatuated with celebrity couture as the public is, the Fashion Police will most likely fare well with its new host and additions well into 2015 and beyond.


The Future of “Fashion Police”

fashion policeAs most of the world (America to be sure) mourned the death of comic legend Joan Rivers there  were those pop fashionistas left wondering about the status of her E! show “Fashion Police.” Up until the week of her procedure/hospitalizing/death Rivers had worked on an Emmy red carpet broadcast and on stage, in fact she was working as much as ever, often joking she’d die on stage.

Living 81 years pretty much doing what you love one can’t ask too much more out of life really.

But what will become of one of the most recently popular shows about fashion? Will Joan Rivers’ death kill-off the popular E! Network award-show broadcast feeding freezing? Will celebs be free now to walk the red carpet no longer fearing Joan and guest hosts comical jabs at what they are wearing? Like it or not, agree with the show’s findings and intent or simply dismiss it all as too much pop culture fodder, “Fashion Police” was a popular show that for many determined the does and don’ts of celebrity style. We don’t have an awards show these days without hours of prelim red carpet entrances, interviews and the ubiquitous “Who are you wearing?” and Fashion Police set the standard for the couture cutting up, wardrobe dress down.

Joan and crew took celebrity down a few notches poking fun at not only what American’s answer to royalty was wearing but how serious they were when wearing it.

Well it seems E! will indeed keep the popular show running. The announcement from the entertainment television network is that “Fashion Police” will indeed return on Monday, January 12th 2015 for Golden Globe Awards coverage. Who all will be on the show that has, at times, featured guest hosts George Kotsiopoulos, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne E! is not yet saying but it seems Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa has a lot of say here and with the network will probably have things well figured before that beginning of January airing.