Ink On The Wrist


Surely if you take a gander across our cover girl of issue number 8, Megan Massacre or flip through the pages of the issue, you are going to see lots of tattooed female flesh. And being a latex couture magazine we are we as much champion whatever one wears on their skin, permanent or not, clothes, piercings or ink, but in the world of celebrity you often find a sprinkle here, a dash there, not so much brazen attempts as Megan sports (being in the tattoo business as she is). And you often find celeb tats in some interesting places (no, not there! Get you mind out of the gutter, naughty birdy!)

I am thinking of wrists.

Lea Michele has I Believe in a pretty teal; Katy Perry sports J.C.’s first name (her parents are pastors if you recall) and Kelly Clarkson went religious as well with a cross and then the words “Love them more”…all these are adorn the celeb’s wrists. Sure we are seeing words scrawled down the inside of arms or near a side boob and God knows who is sporting what we don’t see (at least we don’t see all that often) little symbols and quotes on one’s wrists seem appropriate for the celebrity set these days for sure. And let’s not forget the guys. Ryan Reynolds sports a few tats, but the one on the underside of his wrist “Know Thyself” fits with the above; Shia LaBeouf sports some numbers and somehow- celeb Brody Jenners got ink there too.

Inked or not check-out issue number eight of Von Gutenberg via the links below and before you go a’ inking always give it a good long consideration…no matter where on your body you are thinking of adding ink, wrist or anywhere else.

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Answering That Syren Call

One of the many wonderful things about working at Von Gutenberg is being introduced to all the designers working in latex/leather and leather presently. In our new issue #6 especially we have contributions by private designers and bigger firms alike-in the case of Deanna Storm, the lady wore some of her own designs-and one and all these design houses and the men and women who work for them, stepped-up their proverbial A-game (as they always do) to outfit our models and send us over some amazing photo essays making the magazine a truly unique visual artifact.

In our latest issue we feature an 8-page spread from fetish designer Syren. Showcasing the inspired photography of Steve Diet Goedde shooting model Ancilla Tilia we get a good representation of what this designers’ L.A. store carries (and of course what you could order inline). As the world’s premier rubber couturier Syren made Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman suit, Malin Akerman’s Silk Spectre costume in Watchmen and the most recent Rubber Man suit for super scary T.V. show American Horror Story.

Stars such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry and a host of others have worn Syren designs.


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Fetish Star Dita von Teese at the Jean Paul Gaultier show

Dita_Von_Teese(1)Erik von Gutenberg recommneds Dita von Teese, the fashion fetish Burlesque Star. She was also at the latest lingerie show from Jean Paul Gaultier.

PARIS — The man who gave the world Madonna’s pointy cone bra has outdone himself, serving up padded fanny puffs and even a turtle-shell shaped pregnant lady belly piece with his spring-summer 2010 ready-to-wear collection Saturday.

Gaultier mixed his trademark lingerie-as-outerwear look with hip-hop inspired streetwear, layering powder pink bras, garters, bustiers and padded and pointy prostheses of all ilk under and over extra-wide jeans, funky overalls and military coats.

Pointy bras were built into a pair of oversized overalls, the straps crisscrossing in the back to form Gaultier’s signature X, while the tails of an oversized sports coat were cut away to reveal a pair of round bottom-covers.

One model even wore a bustier in chocolate brown with a massive convex pregnant belly cover.

“Instead of filling oneself with silicone or collagen, why not try these prostheses, which can be taken off,” said Gaultier with a laugh. “It’s perfect!”

French fashion’s one-time enfant terrible described the collection as a “return to the source.”

“I wanted to get away from the increasing bourgeois understanding of fashion. When I started there was a real desire to be individualistic and to mark our difference from one another,” he told reporters in a backstage interview.

Though there was nothing earth-shatteringly innovating about the collection – Gaultier has been incorporating street fashion and foundations into his collection since the start of his career more than 30 years ago – the show still radiated energy, excitement and an endless sense of possibility.

In a welcome change from many of Paris’ blond-haired, blue-eyed catwalks, Gaultier’s models were of all different of ethnic origins, their brown, black, blond and red hair pulled into playful side pigtails. Many of them sported fake tattoos reading “Jean Paul” in Gothic lettering across their necks or down their arms, which were piled high with stacks of Rajhastani-inspired bangles.

Gaultier’s shows, always held at his label’s central Paris headquarters, never fail to draw celebrity guests and Saturday’s show was no exception. Rihanna, a regular at this season’s Paris shows, turned out, as did Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, French actress and loyal Gaultier friend and fan Catherine Deneuve, and burlesque star Dita Von Teese.

Source and Copyright: Canadian Press