Lady Gaga in Latex with the Queen

Erik von Gutenberg recommends to meet in  latex with the Queen:

WORLDS COLLIDING. The Queen of Post-Millennial Pop Lady Gaga met the Queen of England last night. We wonder what it must have been like for Gagz preparing for such an occasion…

“Should I wear the crotchless fishnets with a used-tamp-string-bikini? Hmm (wooden platform hooves tapping)… no… what about the lucite chainmail thong and union jack dinner plate cape? Sighhh…. I guess I’ll just stick with classy. Toe-maas, would you grab my floor length latex red number from the upstairs closet? My safe word? Oh Toe-mass, you are too much.”

And so here they are. Lady Gaga extends an ever so delicate arm out to meet Queen Elizabeth, red glitter blood eyes a blazin. She even did an adorable little curtsy (which you can see in the below gallery), and surely swept Elizabeth right off her miniature doll feet. And what was the Queen’s reaction post-Gaga? Pretty amazing actually…