Pure Freakin’ Fantasy

So super cool writer/editor that I kid myself into believing I am, along with my buddy, the well-known writer M. Christian (who you will be hearing from in Von Gutenberg #6) I am collecting fiction for an anthology of ageplay stories to be published  Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions . And while I want to brag about this turn of my fortunes and thank Jean Marie Stine of Renaissance for having confidence in me and M. Christian for his continued friendship, what really comes to mind pertinent to this blog is ageplay and specifically how it falls into the broader range of fetishes, kinks….fantasies.

We call Von Gutenberg a Fashion/Fantasy/Lifestyle magazine, so I’d like to think we know a thing or two-or we like to at least ruminate over the idea of-fantasy. Surely, each one of us coddle different  hot scenarios in our nasty little noggins, some we can explore in the here-and-now, others we only ever get to online, still others that never see any actual play except what we dream about or masturbate to.

But it’s all good….very good in fact to explore these fantasies in whichever way you like, partnered or not.

Let’s face it, even for life-stylers of latex, collared subs and the doms that keep them, even lowly little writers in NJ with a penchant for women who can recite every Emerson, Lake and Palmer album title without consulting their iPhone, there are times we can explore our fantasies and other times we have to put them on the back burner for a bit. We can certainly peruse the expansive Von Gutenberg Couture Collection as much as wear what we buy at a fetish party, but for the most part all of us with a fantasy (and that’s all of us, come on, admit it) don’t get to live that fantasy 24/7.

And those times we don’t get to act like a fireman (man or woman) or don’t get to slip on our pirate boots and eye-patch or have to act like a well-meaning second grade teacher when we wish we could be acting like a puppy drinking out of a dog dish or we visit our doctor and wish it could be us wearing the scrubs and holding the thermometer, make those times we get to explore our fantasies that much sweeter.