The special fetish boutique in Las Vegas

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The hottest spot in Las Vegas isn’t on the strip. It doesn’t have dancers, magicians, white tigers, or Elvis impersonators. The hottest spot in Las Vegas doesn’t have one single video poker machine, but if you take your sex seriously you will have certainly hit the jackpot when you visit “The Studio.”

“The Studio” is an erotic boutique catering to a wide variety of sexual lifestyles, and preferences. Fetish, S&M, light bondage, latex and leather apparel, and P.E.S.’s own specialty, Erotic Electro Stimulation products, are all tastefully represented in an atmosphere perfectly suited for couples or singles to frolic within their sexual fantasies. Adding to their line of unique electro stimulation products, P.E.S. now brings the The Studio Accessories to their clients, offering a whole new dimension to the fetish shopper.

Concealed within the guise of an ordinary office complex, passers-by pay little heed to the unobtrusive “all business” facade, unaware that within lies an erotic experience visiting enthusiasts are likely to never forget. A cross between department store and disco tech, “The Studio” stands light years apart from the average adult book store. Enchanting euphonies from cool jazz to classic “Doors” emanate from every corner of the room. Hypnotic colored lights pierce the dimly lit antechamber embellishing exotically attired mannequins and eye catching focal displays. Wisps of smoke dance upon lightly scented air while neon indigo radiates from display cases flaunting the finest in erotic implementation, artfully orchestrated as if exquisite jewelry. Patrons are awe struck as they ingest row upon row of the unusually vast selection adorning every wall.”The Studio” presents a romantically sexy, slightly sinful, somewhat kinky aura that can wet the sexual pallet of even the staunchest of puritans. “If this were nothing more than a sex shop, it would win hands down”. The Monks Playboy Online October 1998.

china-001_sm“The Studio” emerged as a result of the instant popularity of P.E.S. products. P.E.S. was originally administrated out of a modest home using a P.O. Box for correspondence. But, people took to the products so whole heartedly that they would fly into Las Vegas from all over the world and plunge into the post office mistaking it for the actual business address. P.E.S. realized the need for a centralized location where they could satisfy the sexually curious and exhibit their products in the manner in which they deserved, but P.E.S. had their own ideas of what the setting for their products should encompass. They didn’t envision it as another adult sex shop, but a place where people could look, feel and truly experience the art of erotic Electro Stimulation first hand.

“The Studio’s” concept is formulated upon the principals of High Impact Libido Imagery, or, exciting the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch to create an ambience designed to stimulate the imagination and fantasy, as well as entice visitors into feeling comfortable in exploring their most heated sexual desires. P.E.S. complements their Erotic Electro Stimulation devices with an extensive variety of mild to wild erotic paraphernalia, devising a unique state-of-the-art, functional fetish arena, capable of arousing the deepest-rooted sexual urge.
At first P.E.S. opened their studio to a few choice clients by appointment only to ensure that they were given the proper attention and made to feel comfortable in asking sensitive questions about their sexual fantasies. But, like P.E.S. before it, “The Studio” became an instant success. The growing numbers of curious advocates forced them to open the doors to the general public. Since its beginnings, “The Studio” has undergone two major renovations and has doubled in size to meet the needs of its ever increasing clientele. Today, single men, single women and couples of all types,
sexual orientations and income levels have experienced “The Studio.”

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