A Topless Heidi Klum Run Out Of Vegas…Maybe

heidi-klum-sharper-imageIt’s nice to know that even in this day and age of ‘been-there, done-that, bought-the-T-shirt, took-the-selfie cool’ pictures can still cause a controversy. Heidi Klum seems to have found some of that controversy (though she is only the model in this case) in Las Vegas of all places. In the new Shaper Image “Gift Right” adds H.K. can be seen posing nude (though she is covering herself) sitting next to Sharper Image products with racy taglines printed on the add next to her. Last week Clark County Las Vegas officials banned these black and white ads at Vegas’ McCarren airport saying that they do not allow “the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering or any portion thereof below the nipple.”

The irony (or is it hypocrisy) of an official statement like this is not lost on anyone who has ever driven out from that Vegas airport. The billboards that litter Las Vegas, highways, McCarren, the infamous “Strip” show more bare female skin then even the most seasoned visitor to the gambling Mecca can stomach. The bared space under Klum’s nipples (nipples that are never exposed anywhere in the ads) seems small by comparison, in offending severity and actually space.

Thankfully for all concerned and for tasteful erotic art in general, it seems Las Vegas is rescinding the ban with Sharper Image as the company is now presented ‘edited’ ads. The Klum ads will be displayed from 1/3-/1/9, just in time for the CES-the Consumer Electronic Show-that hits Las Vegas on (see all about it here: http://www.i4u.com/57/ces)

This is not the first time Sharper has gone tongue-in-cheek sexy. In 2012 they ran a campaign of Megan Fox in stockings pushing their wares. Who knows what they might present next year and what city might move to ban those ads.megan-fox-sharper-image_lo-res

By the way, the initial non-edited adds have been approved in many other city’s NOT Las Vegas.

Fang Ling Lee

Fang Ling Lee announces with her artwork: “Hello, here I am. You need me in your life.”

Having exhibited independently in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and New York and at the NJ Exxxotica exhibition where we first met the diminutive young woman, Fang Ling Lee is always searching, forever morphing and is currently shifting her focus to fine art galleries and publications as well as working on pieces for gallery group shows. Lots of people beyond Von Gutenberg champion Fang Ling Lee’s provocative fantasy designs, she is forever being shown in the media, her stuff bought by celebs and on her brand new website her startling images are on display for all to see: www.fanglinglee.com.

As always with the people we present to you in our magazine (you can see Fang Ling Lee’s work in issue 6 of Von Gutenberg) we think it is so important to champion unique artistry, startlingly talented people working hard to make their presence known worldwide…and let’s face it, we do like to brag about our friends! In between the photography we are known for, and in a fashion magazine photography is really so very important, we have always featured what we hope is a wide variety of visual work, from cartoons, to sketches, to these twisty colorful erotic visions of Fang Ling Lee.

Even thought I am a writer I agree with the ‘A picture tells a thousand words’ axiom and I think our pictures-model photos, designer collages or artwork like Fang Ling Lee does indeed tell the story of Von Gutenberg perfectly.