Queen Elizabeth II and the Game of Thrones Throne

queen-elizabeth-GoT ThroneWhat one person calls a throne another may not…

Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to Ireland’s Belfast set of “Game of Thrones” last week, demurring to take a seat on the show’s prop throne. The H.B.O. mini-series just wrapped its fourth season in its usual spectacularly gory fashion, its high magic, ever-trending blood and sex and tight intrigue making it a very popular series indeed. The Queen’s visit heralded quite the press-making moment to be sure.

The queen declined an offer to sit on the throne from the show, a decidedly nasty looking fetish-like seat more reminiscent of some of the stuff you’d find at one of the events we list on our http://fantasyeventlist.com/. It’d also fit well into a modern Steampunk story. As the show legend goes the throne is supposedly made of the swords of defeated warriors. Either way it is an intimidating seat and one assuredly the 88 year-old monarch would avoid.

The Queen does well visiting the set seeing as “GoT”, which has been filming in Northern Ireland for the past five years filters in millions to the local economy by providing countless onset jobs. The show also bolsters tourism as bunches of rabid fans eager to see show’s environs descend on the area yearly.

The Queen also met ‘showrunner’ David Benioff, writer/producer Daniel Weiss actress Lena Headey who plays “Cersei” on the show, Kit Harrington who plays “Jon Snow,” Sophie Turner who plays “Sansa Stark” and a host of others. The royals also met the show’s prop, costume and set designers, the unsung heroes behind bringing author George R.R. Martin’s series to life.

Whether Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of the show (or has even ever seen an episode) she did secure a model of the famous throne to take away with her.

See the video here of the royal’s visit.

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