Oscar Couture 2014: The Good, The Bad and The McConaissance Of Fashion

Jared Leto OscarWe really do get so caught up with the pomp and circumstance. We know it is all just A-list asslicking, still we get wrapped up. Surely Angelina Jolie doesn’t need any more recognition, Julia Roberts another moment to seemingly be amazed or Meryl Streep another nomination. And God knows the whole blessed thing goes on far too long. But we will never give up our love for Oscar night…or Oscar couture.

This year we had Jennifer Lawrence tripping outside not even ‘in’ the theater yet…as she did tripping up the stairs on the way to accepting her Oscar last year. This time she wore a trippingly fantastic form-fitting orange/red strapless number from Dior. Lupita Nyong’o was in Prada blue that she designed herself. Leonardo DiCaprio wore an Armani tux. Best actor Matthew McConaughey sported contrasting Dolce & Gabbana jacket and pants and Jared Leto white Saint Laurent shirt and jacket, black pants and red bow tie.

So there was a lot to see, lots for E TV to cover and everybody else to quibble over. Plenty of fashion designers got shout-outs and there were hours pre the show to get a good look at everybody. It all made for another great turn where we watched, wished and applauded as Hollywood patted itself on the back.

Host Ellen Lee DeGeneres broke Twitter with a seflie, “Gravity” grabbed a whole bunch of technical awards. Bruce Dern got passed over but the 86th Academy Awards came and went with its fashions and we took notice.

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Miss Bey Catches The Spotlight Again

And you’d think the President, more than 500 guests and big birthday bash for first lady would be enough to get press. But it seems what people are most on about is what Beyoncé was wearing.


And I guess being a fashion portal we should take notice too.

In a gold Randi Rahm mini, sporting nude patent-leather heels and a mess of Lorraine Schwartz bangles, it was Miss Bey who made the biggest impression on a whole bunch of net news outlets. Certainly the pictures she took were enough to fill Beyonce’s Tumbler page with stuff, as once again the rich and shameless do their best to convince us how much better their lives are. And yes, hubby Jay Z and the couple’s newest edition Blue Ivy was at the party too but it was Beyoncé mostly anyone and everyone was interested in seeing (and seeing lots of her as they did in that dress that showed off the lady’s gams in a spectacular fashion) as she made the scene and even performed six songs.

This is not the first time Beyoncé has stepped out in something provocative, that her appearance at an event is the most important moment of that event, that she has walked into a spot with her child and Jay Z only to catch all the attention, and it won’t be the last. Let’s face it, as much as we all might be interested in catching what a Leonardo DiCaprio or Hugh Jackman are wearing (and in the case of a Jackman it’s sometimes as interesting to catch what he’s not wearing) in the case of world wide fashion couture, be it in clothes, tattoos, hairstyles or jewels, it is the opposite of what old James Brown sang, it is a woman’s world to be sure!

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