London Fashion Designer Sasha Louise’s Latex Kickstarter Campaign

bnSo here’s a question pitting our modern age with latex fashion: Would a Kickstarter campaign work for a fashion designer looking to fund latex couture? U.K. designer Sasha Louise, a London College of Fashion graduate and all-around top-notch designer, is currently trying to acquire funding via a Kickstarter campaign. Riding that balance beam between haute couture and fetish, Sasha is one of those designers who has her hands-on all aspects of her business-from pattern cutting, to product packaging, to marketing, etc.-and has created her own “latex net” material. She has worked with Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Nicole Scherzinger, as well as garnered interest in media from Rabid, SID, Notion and Fabulous magazines. Presently Sasha is shooting her first-ever “lookbook” intending to showcase it at London Fashion Week showrooms for both Men’s and Women’s fashion week. Sasha’s Kickstarter campaign has been put into place to make this all happen and to push her latex clothing to the next level.

As she says about this modern-day way of acquiring funds: “I’ve known of kickstarter for a while and have seen some really cool ideas come to life from it, so when I looked at where my company is and where I want to be I knew I needed funding and thought this would be a really interactive way of getting it.”

Sasha says she has only encountered positivity about her latex clothing, from all sorts of people (something we are thrilled to hear). Designing with the material we all know and love simply progressed from her personal ‘alternative’ interests.

“When I saw latex on the body I was in love…but when I touched it I was really in love,” she admits. “It’s such an amazing fabric and I just wanted to push the boundaries with it and see what I could do.”

Of course the downside of attempting to raise funds through Kickstarter is that one has to consider not reaching their goal. Sasha says if she doesn’t she will have to reduce her collection and not be able to continue with her Fashion week plans or distribute the lookbook, but she adds with a positivity that makes all the very best designers: “If it doesn’t happen right now then it will just take a little longer.”

Of course we hope Sasha reaches her goal (and beyond it for all her dreams.) Look for her kickstarter campaign here.