All The World's Indeed A Stage…

So, did you happen to know that Kylie Marilyn was crowned Miss Rubber World 2012 over the past weekend? See what happens when you don’t keep up with the Von Gutenberg Fantasy Event List, you just never know what kinky events are happening!  The rubber world site is here, have a look : or check out the doings on (at least to keep up with the next one, all these events just happened.)

Living in the NYC tri-state area as I do and where the VG studio/office/pirate Nutella factory happens to be I often feel we are in one of a handful of kink epicenters and as it is with the wide variety of food I can find in this area, I come to be spoiled with all that’s just a bus or train ride from me. I assume this is the way it is for you folks living in Berlin, London, San Francisco, any really big city. But when I look through the marquis happenings we happen to list in the FEL calendar I notice more and more the kinky events happening in places not the typically celebrated big cities, but places with a healthy lifestyle contingent who turn out time and again for a wild night out with the like-minded.

I had occasion to speak to our friend Mistress Jade Tiger for an interview that appears here (yes, a little cross promotion is good for us all) and she reminded me of a healthy underground of kinksters she used to work with when she lived in Charlotte N.C. of all places. Every time I turn around some other city I never would have even dreamed of supporting a kinky crowd pops-up with an event or a new club that rends my prejudices of small towns asunder. I know in some of the smaller suburban enclaves near my house there are munches that N.J.’s own KFE hosts monthly that see tons of kink enthusiasts.

So you never really know. This is why I tell you time and again to check our FEL, get yourself ready for a party or weekend convention, or just a munch.

You’ll be so happy you did.


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So, Who Says What's Kinky?

Yes the weekend you are your play partner are at might be labeled a marquis kinky event. Yes, you might frequent Fetlife or shop in stores known for their adult toys (I have been lucky to hit one’s in London, NYC, L.A. and San Francisco-strictly for research purposes of course); you might even spend time with people who read Von Gutenberg magazine or you have turned-on a few folks to our pages; you might brag about a wardrobe that competes with our couture line, found here.

But rest assured, no matter how much you play, ruminate over or share some time with like-minded folk, nobody but nobody has a clear definition of what kinky really is.

And that’s the way it should be; one’s man meat is another’s poison and all that. If playing airline pilot and stewardess is your thing, then have it, just don’t try and convince me that this is the apogee of kinky then I’m into wearing my Jackboots everywhere and get-off on making my lover smell the sweaty socks I wear with them. I double-dog dare you to convince me that you have the clear objective definition of what kinky is, because I assure you you don’t.

Von Gutenberg is a decidedly lifestyle fetish magazine, more often than not showcasing latex and leather but you will see by our articles or all the kinky events we list on our Fantasy Event List that we include as many interests and happenings as we come in contact with and are always on the look-out for more.

From the mild to the wild it is up to you to determine which, if either works in your life and your specific definition of both.







Von Gutenberg Couture Facebook Fan Page

Von Gutenberg Facebook Fan Page