Madam Marvelous in issue #9…and beyond.

FullSizeRender (3)As any fan or even passing perusal-er of the Von Gutenberg oeuvre is well aware, we are as much interested in wildly imaginative sexy pictures of models wearing latex as we are the contributions from various writers, illustrators, designers and just about anybody else who works in our lifestyle community. As you will see in reading our latest issue (#9) once again we present both a Midori and M. Christian essay, feature arresting images from one of our favorite painters, Fang Ling Lee and report on events and book/music releases we think fit in well with our theme.

One of the artists we feature in issue #9 is Madam Marvelous (real name Yolanda Dunderdale), a provocative songwriter/singer/ performer (find her here: from the NYC area. We initially connected with the lady about her breakout first single, “Broom Bitch” released on the independent techno label Subwoofer Records. That single was a smash bestseller for Subwoofer, played from New York to Italy to Spain to Amsterdam (and more) and now Subwoofer is releasing “Destruction” by Drzneday feat. Madam Marvelous. With remixes by Mr. Gemini and Sinawi this track is sure to be another runaway smash.

We so love reporting on the upwardly mobile career moves of our Von Gutenberg family members. Time and again we get a Facebook prompt from a model running clear across the globe for a new shoot or one of the many designers we have feature lands a gig outfitting some huge celebrity. And it has been our good fortune (or maybe just the fact that we make such deep connections with the people we work with) that no matter where their work happens to take them, they always have time to appear in a new issue of Von Gutenberg, and send us their good news so we can tell you about it.

We couldn’t be happier for Madam Marvelous’ continued success and wish her all the best with this latest release.

Go here to purchase “Destruction”:



Von Gutenberg Magazine Issue # 7-DIGITAL

Our first press release for the just released issue #7 (available in print and online now) is up here: We’re especially proud of this issue as it is our first in the digital format (Apple, Kindle, Google), features international modeling star Ophelia Overdose as our cover girl, photography by Matt Christie and Violet Photography (to name just two); fashion expose by Libidex, Ectomorph and Lust Designs; fiction and articles by M. Christian and Midori and even a new review book/music review section.

As you will see from that press release and as you will hear Erik and I opine quote often when discussing this issue (and the future of V.G.) publishing the magazine now in digital- as well as in print-was tantamount to its survival. It’s a decision all other publishers are making, hell name me a business that is staying competitive these days that’s not considering its digital options? But above and beyond just being good business, seeing the magazine published in digital formats like Apple’s newsstand (we are the first latex couture magazine to be offered there, something we are very proud of) ‘going digital’ will see untapped potential for us in what we publish…and when.

I’m not revealing anything we’re planning for 2013, but just know Erik has plenty of ideas for the future of our Fashion, Latex and Lifestyle portal. In the blogs ahead I will focus on the talented men and women who came together to make issue #7 the startling Steampunk issue it is.

For now I welcome you to check out all the doings of the issue in the digital realm here:




Welcome To Weirdsville

Well-known writer, part-time rapscallion and full-time great friend of us all here at Von Gutenberg, M. Christian sees not only the release of his new Welcome To Weirdsville from Renaissance E Books/PageTurner Editions but also a five part video series connected with it called Did You Know? (see it here: written Renaissance publisher Jean Marie Stine and produced by media master, Bill Mills.

Prolific scribe that he is (the guy has 400 stories published in anthologies alone!) we know M. Christian’s ability to not only turn a phrase but to unearth some of the most interesting tidbits on a subject, as he does in the non-fiction pieces he has penned for us and in WTW you’ll find more of the same as we learn about a noble Word War 1 German pirate, the City of Fire, the giggling genius of Brian G. Hughes, The Antikythera Device and much much more.

Knowing the diabolical naughty mind of M. Christian as we do there are also quite a few forays into things kinky in this book (read his excerpt about the Hellfire Club here:

Welcome To Weirdsville is a must for any student, devotes or those of us with a passing interest in marquis weirdness written about with unmatched aplomb.

You can check M. Christian out here: and get the book here:

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Giving The Finger For Art

You know me, I like to champion the Von Gutenberg extended family when I get the chance…and we have lots of people in the family (if you’re not part of this marquis club, join us at the Von Gutenberg Facebook Fan Page here:!/groups/261144418631/). One of the folks/friends/fans/professionals featured in our latest issue is none other then writer M. Christian. Chris (to his friends, and who isn’t Chris’s friend, the guy is just so damn likeable!) is having fun prompting his latest book, Fingers’ Breadth.

I’ll let Chris tell you what’s he’s up to in his own imitable style. According to the latest PRESS RELEASE:

In what is clearly an act of pure desperation, author M. Christian has threatened to amputate part of one finger to publicize his new novel, Finger’s Breadth (Zumaya Books).

“The fact is, it’s getting harder and harder to get the word out about anything new, especially novels,” says M. Christian, whose biography includes over 400 short story sales, nine author collections, the editing of 25 anthologies, and six previous novels.  “Is it no surprise that writers are having to resort to obvious stunts to try and get their work noticed?”

When asked if the planned amputation is simply a publicity stunt, Christian responded with faux outrage: “A stunt?  A STUNT?!  Of course it’s a publicity stunt … these days writers have to be creative and, let’s be honest here, more than a bit outrageous if they are going to get noticed.  The book’s about a mysterious figure cutting off the tips of little fingers in a near-future noir San Francisco so a pretend self-amputation is just too damned perfect!”

No I know Chris, he’s one of those guys you would as much see at any of the industries fantasy events (listed on our Fantasy Even List at Twitter) as you would sit down and have over-priced eggs with. When it comes to what he is capable of you better believe as sure-as-shootin’ that those damn Zanti Misfits we’re gonna crawl up ol’ Bruce Dern’s leg, Chris has got enough other appendages (and the story is quite a few are very impressive…if you know what I mean) to not miss a digit or two in the selling of his art.
If you’re up for a good read check out Finger’s Breadth here:
Paperback: $15.99
ebook: $6.99
You can reach  M. Christian at his website:
and check-out the piece he did for us at


Steampunk-ed Ya

In the wonderful text of our wonderful issue #6 (and I can say it’s wonderful as I had a direct hand in the text of issue 6) we have covered a lot of ground with our studies and even fiction centered round all things comic-al. We have M. Christian and Midori weighing-in with non-fiction ruminations, a couple of stories featuring the same characters-a continuing comic story without pictures-(one by me solo and another in collaboration with Tom Kennedy) and lots of other stuff that speaks to our theme (not to mention the sketches by Chainsaw Chuck, Armando Huerta and others).

We also have a little look-see page and blurb from the recently released Steampunk Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos: A Makers Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts, by Thomas Willeford. What’s Steampunk, you ask? Well culling a definition from the website we learn Steampunk is a ‘subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that includes social or technological aspects of the 19th century (the steam) usually with some deconstruction of, reimagining of, or rebellion against parts of it (the punk).’ In Steampunk stuff, as you will find readily in Mr. Willeford’s how-to book, there is a goodly amount of attention paid to clothes and gadgets, something we in the lifestyle are well aware of, and a certain swashbuckling-dare I say-sensibility, that fits in well with our comic’s issue.

We are tickled pink to include a piece about this McGraw-Hill paperback in Von Gutenberg #6 and you can buy the book here: as well as grab a copy of Von Gutenberg #6 here:




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Um, You Know, There Are Earlier Von Gutenberg Magazines…

I have been pushing our just released issue #6 with covert girl MiMi Cherry, story contributions by Midori, M. Christian, great photo essays from Westward Bound and Syren, plus fantasy artwork by Armanado Huerta, Ed Mironiuk and plenty of other stuff from plenty of others filling out the issue. But I hope you have seen, are aware of, or might want to get yourself a copy of our issues 1-5…all unique collector’s editions in their own right.

You can get those magazines here: . You’ll see number # 6 pop-up right at the top of the page, with beautiful MiMi, but scroll down to the left hand column under BESTSELLERS for the other issues. Those issues include cover girls like Jean Bardot, fetish superstar Perish in never-before published photos, RUBBERDOLL Jewell Marceau, 2010’s Mister SF Leather (VON Gutenberg’s first male model) and of course all the usual coverage of past fetish events and interviews with scene makers, our models and designers.

So get a copy of issue 6 now and catch-up with the rest of the Von Gutenberg magazines if you don’t yet have them.

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Midori in Issue #6

You know how the classic fans’ defense of Playboy always was “No, I really do read it for the articles!” well with Von Gutenberg #6 we really do present great articles, stories, reporting, text in general (being the editor-in-chief I know of what I speak). I mentioned the talents of M. Christian (as I have plenty before) and his piece in #6 “Breast Plates To Bondage: An Informal Look At Sex In Comic Books and Pulp Magazines” is a great romp through rather recent history that should prompt you to want to look back through some old pulp mags or maybe get out that thin plastic superhero’s cape you have kept in your closet.

Adding to that great text this time out we also have another in our long running series of columns from Midori, this one called “Holy D/s, Batman! Lessons on Dominance & Submission from the Caped Crusader”.  As I have mentioned before issue #6 has a comic theme running through it and Midori’s piece considers all manner of naughtiness from one of our better know comic super stars, stuff I know you had been just thinking yourself.

For those of you who don’t knowand I can’t see how you wouldn’t know-Midori is a writer, speaker, educator based in San Fran-dam-Ciscokid. She has been and we hope will always continue to be a great friend of the Von Gutenberg family and her inclusion in issue #6-as her inclusion in all our issues-really does give our readers the chance to say: “No, I ready do read it for the articles” and not have that be a hollow boast.

Find all things Midori here:

Find issue 6 here:

M. Christian in Issue 6

So kids, let’s talk about issue #6.

We’re going to be running lots of Facebook alerts, tweeting and twatting, shooting out emails to our friends, designers, the models, writers, and just about everybody else about the fact that our issue #6 is out and about. In time I will try to amass a list of where you might be able to pick-up the magazine in your area. Really, we are so very proud of this issue, from front cover to last, and we want you to see it!

One of our features this time is a great big piece by M. Christian (and we all know Christian has a great big piece, this is why he is so popular with the ladies!) you just have to read his historical overview on comics and pulps and how and steamy they all got way back in the day. His Breast Plates To Bondage: An Informal Look At Sex In Comic Books and Pulp Magazines is a wonderful 4-page spread you have to read to believe. Yes, Von Gutenberg is about all those delicious models dressed in dripping hot latex, and God knows we got them this time around, but if I do say so myself, the text we have in the magazine this time around, M. Christian’s piece one of the shining examples, is exemplary.

So check out our brand spanking new (and I know how much so many of you out there love to be spanked) issue #6 at check our all things M. Christian at his site

Pure Freakin’ Fantasy

So super cool writer/editor that I kid myself into believing I am, along with my buddy, the well-known writer M. Christian (who you will be hearing from in Von Gutenberg #6) I am collecting fiction for an anthology of ageplay stories to be published  Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions . And while I want to brag about this turn of my fortunes and thank Jean Marie Stine of Renaissance for having confidence in me and M. Christian for his continued friendship, what really comes to mind pertinent to this blog is ageplay and specifically how it falls into the broader range of fetishes, kinks….fantasies.

We call Von Gutenberg a Fashion/Fantasy/Lifestyle magazine, so I’d like to think we know a thing or two-or we like to at least ruminate over the idea of-fantasy. Surely, each one of us coddle different  hot scenarios in our nasty little noggins, some we can explore in the here-and-now, others we only ever get to online, still others that never see any actual play except what we dream about or masturbate to.

But it’s all good….very good in fact to explore these fantasies in whichever way you like, partnered or not.

Let’s face it, even for life-stylers of latex, collared subs and the doms that keep them, even lowly little writers in NJ with a penchant for women who can recite every Emerson, Lake and Palmer album title without consulting their iPhone, there are times we can explore our fantasies and other times we have to put them on the back burner for a bit. We can certainly peruse the expansive Von Gutenberg Couture Collection as much as wear what we buy at a fetish party, but for the most part all of us with a fantasy (and that’s all of us, come on, admit it) don’t get to live that fantasy 24/7.

And those times we don’t get to act like a fireman (man or woman) or don’t get to slip on our pirate boots and eye-patch or have to act like a well-meaning second grade teacher when we wish we could be acting like a puppy drinking out of a dog dish or we visit our doctor and wish it could be us wearing the scrubs and holding the thermometer, make those times we get to explore our fantasies that much sweeter.