The First Annual Queerly Festival Celebrates Pride Week With Von Gutenberg Regulars

5e27d1048af41ed5f34c897f8cdf3f07831ee941[1]As you would expect, here at Von Gutenberg we certainly champion free expression of any point of view (if that p.o.v. condones freedom for all). Even the quickest perusal of our lifestyle events (see the latest in issue #9) or a regular read of this blog you’ll see we have supported plenty an artistic or cultural expression. Be thee working and living in the LGBT community, or be thee involved in fetish/alternative/kink couture design, modeling or performing, you know V.G. will not only support but continue to report on all the good works our family of friends are into. The Queerly Festival, produced by The Horse Trade Theatre Group of NYC, is one such grouping of events Von Gutenberg is behind, celebrating as it does Pride Week, NYC.
What’s even more interesting about this week of theatre pieces is that the show “Song, Word and Deed,” happening on 6/26, 8pm at the Kraine Theatre location is being directed and emcee-d by our very own editor-in-chief, Ralph Greco, Jr (Ralph has also written two pieces for the show.) The hour plus will also feature one of our past writers, Tom Kennedy, as well as techno music maven Madam Marvelous performing a song (read issue #9 to learn more about the provocative M.M.)

It’s going to be quite the Von Gutenberg family affair.

The first annual Queerly Festival, which runs 6/25-7/3 at both Horse Trade Theatre locations-the Kraine Theatre at 85 W. 4th in the village, NYC and UNDER St. Marks, at 94 St. Mark’s Place from 6/25-to-7/3, is presented a wide range of shows. Ralph’s is a variety hour of readings, one short one act and song, while there are other shows in the full week of the program that includes drag cabaret, Karaoke and lots more.
There is bound to be more than one show to tickle your naughty sensibilitieswill prove to a chock-full celebration of LGBT culture running between and , and one we are sure you do not want to miss.44e9994c7d0ec01202dd8c170028dd94_750x600[1]

Madam Marvelous in issue #9…and beyond.

FullSizeRender (3)As any fan or even passing perusal-er of the Von Gutenberg oeuvre is well aware, we are as much interested in wildly imaginative sexy pictures of models wearing latex as we are the contributions from various writers, illustrators, designers and just about anybody else who works in our lifestyle community. As you will see in reading our latest issue (#9) once again we present both a Midori and M. Christian essay, feature arresting images from one of our favorite painters, Fang Ling Lee and report on events and book/music releases we think fit in well with our theme.

One of the artists we feature in issue #9 is Madam Marvelous (real name Yolanda Dunderdale), a provocative songwriter/singer/ performer (find her here: from the NYC area. We initially connected with the lady about her breakout first single, “Broom Bitch” released on the independent techno label Subwoofer Records. That single was a smash bestseller for Subwoofer, played from New York to Italy to Spain to Amsterdam (and more) and now Subwoofer is releasing “Destruction” by Drzneday feat. Madam Marvelous. With remixes by Mr. Gemini and Sinawi this track is sure to be another runaway smash.

We so love reporting on the upwardly mobile career moves of our Von Gutenberg family members. Time and again we get a Facebook prompt from a model running clear across the globe for a new shoot or one of the many designers we have feature lands a gig outfitting some huge celebrity. And it has been our good fortune (or maybe just the fact that we make such deep connections with the people we work with) that no matter where their work happens to take them, they always have time to appear in a new issue of Von Gutenberg, and send us their good news so we can tell you about it.

We couldn’t be happier for Madam Marvelous’ continued success and wish her all the best with this latest release.

Go here to purchase “Destruction”:



Listening and Learning From Madam Marvelous

madam marvelousYolanda Dunderdale is Madam Marvelous when she’s feeling rather evil, naughty, darkly fetish…all wonderful juicy alternative personality traits we happen to champion here at Von Gutenberg. A performer combining dance/spoken word/comedy and singing in her performance art pieces Yolanda is a provocateur of the highest order, making her life and work in the vibrant environs of New York City.

She regards her music as a mix of rap and dance music (her single: Broom Bitch can be bought/heard here) and like all artists regards what she does as an ever evolving expression of who she is.

Anyone who has stopped by this blog a time or two or who have read the magazine knows we are as much about giving space and time to painters, writers and musicians as we are latex designers, models and photographers. In our experience we’ve met so many interesting talented people it’s a shame we don’t have the time and space to include them all in our pages.

But Yolanda as herself or Madam Marvelous is one of those people that simply exudes a bright welcoming energy you can’t help but be drawn-in by. I met her not in her Madam Marvelous persona but liked her instantly and as I learned there was a Madam there ready to “crack the whip and lead as Yolanda” she says of the dichotomy of the sides of personality, I yearned to learn more about the lady and hear her music.

yolanda w broom

I urge you to go to her site, buy Broom Bitch here: or here and find her at or twitter@madammarvelous1

Might I urge you as well to give the writers of Von Gutenberg a try by checking-out our first ever ebook release, All the Word’s A Rage.


Photo credit 1st ‘grill’ picture: Albert Massiah

Photo credit 2nd blue brush” Madam Marvelous