Warming-Up My Fingers And Tapping My Toes

So a-lubing is upon me once again.

Yes kiddies, I once more have to Agent sully forth into the breach, Chip-and-Dale to those foreign battlements, tuck under and up for the monumentally difficult job of spilling copious amounts of gloppy lube into my hot palms and through my soft long fingers (and you know what they say about a guy who has long fingers right?…he wears big gloves) and apply my expertise to making shiny some new Von Gutenberg models.

I recall well that day our intrepid CEO suggested I might help in this enterprise, only a lowly writer I was at at that time, light-shy from my days spent hunched over my lap-top, ignorant to the curves and byways of the female form, nervous even to contemplate those curvy downy ways and deep puckering welcomes. But after much cajoling, a good pizza and my resolute resolution to take one for the team-VG I shucked down my man skirt and agreed that yes, I would be the marquis luber and do all I could to make the experience as painless as possible for myself.

That the first go-round of ladies were so kind only made my experiences with each a joy. I have related my times with Goddess Deanna Storm, Miss Mischief and MiMi Cherry, how each were a wonder to behold and hold and how my nervousness was bested by their professionalism. Yes, I muddled through as best I could and came out the other end my hands a little cramped but my confidence the better for the experience.

So soon once more into the breach my fellow latex loving comrades, my fellow kink event participants, Von Gutenberg friends one and all. Say a prayer for your warrior friend Ralph not to falter on his way to lands unknown, furrows firm and expanses slippery. Come hell or high water like modern-age, long-haired Magellan I shall return to regale you my triumphs.




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