No stranger to controversy, it seems all Lady Gaga had to do for her latest brouhaha was stand there.

In pictures that grace Vogue’s cover and an inside photo-spread for their Sept. issue, the provocative singer is seen wearing a purple Marc Jacobs gown that Prince would be envious of, sporting a tinier then tiny waist, small but gravity-defying bust and a halo of yellow hair. As one would expect, yes Gaga’s Vogue images have been airbrushed, but to some industry movers and shakers (or at least people who see the need to Twitter and blog about such things) a behind-the-scenes video showing the differences between real Gaga (as if there really is a real Gaga) and airbushed Gaga has raised the often raised question of where are we going with all this photo-shop retouching and airbrushing? As Amy Odell blogged on BuzzFeed: “Sometimes I wonder why people bother with the original photography anymore when the end result is basically just a photo illustration.”

Amy might have a point but then again is complaining about something like akin to raising the alarm on singers who use Auto-Tune to the exclusion of singing in tune or fretting over which professional athlete is juicing? It is as much the way of the world that we don’t see friends anymore as much as we Facebook them as it is that with tools like photo-shop at our finger tips we’re damn well going to use them to alter pics…as famed duo Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas let their team do on the Gaga photos.

Either way Vogue’s issue hits the stands and they released that behind the scenes video so I guess the complaints over altering the photos don’t fazing them a bit.