Laced Up Boutique In Utrecht Netherlands

Erik von Gutenberg recommends the laced Up Boutique In Utrecht!

The Laced-Up Project: It’s not just a boutique, it’s the community’s Head Quarters

Laced-Up Boutique in Utrecht, the Netherlands, has never been just a shop. The founder Sarah Mobley has a rich background in the music industry and entrepreneurship plus years of experience personally as an activist for sexual minorities.

In 2007 Cupid’s arrow brought her from the US to the Netherlands, and less than one year later the Laced-Up Project was born.

In the 1950’s pin-up inspired boutique Sarah focuses on making the shop and webshop a retail heaven for kinksters of all preferences and fetishes. Given the boutique’s name it follows that she is a true advocate of all things that lace up. Last year Sarah launched the Laced-Up Boutique line of clothing & toys, in which her dream designs are becoming reality. The line features beautifully made corsets, leather, PVC/Lak and some latex. The LU line is described by Sarah as “fetishwear that is practical and elegant in a wide range of styles and sizes at reasonable prices.” In the rustic cellar we find BDSM tools & the best adult toys. One of the first toys in the LU line is the Laced-Up Lash which is hailed as the easiest single tail in the world. The Boutique also carries extraordinary clothing, accessories, and toys from other designers including the likes of Tatjana Warneke & Masters in Steel.

It turns out that Utrecht is home to more fetishist and other assorted kinksters than anyone ever imagined! Early in it’s inception Sarah jokingly started calling the mission to build a cohesive community United Utrecht Perverts, UUP in short, and the name’s stuck. There’s so much to do now in Utrecht! Word has spread beyond the local boundaries and now people from all over the Netherlands come to Laced-Up Boutique and its many events.

On the calendar you’ll find the Laced-Up Kink Café with its retro fetish cocktail party ambiance set in a private club on a lovely canal in Utrecht’s Centrum. A now legendary kick start for the Kink Cafe evening is the Pervert Pub Quiz, where partygoers team up to win fun and salacious prizes.

Another branch of the project is the Laced-Up Institute for Alternative Sexual Education which offers wickedly fun workshops hosted by highly experienced kinksters. Small classes of people gather at the HQ to learn about subjects such as kinky sex, and all the wonders of the BDSM/Fetish world. There are also free monthly BDSM/fetish discussion groups full of laughter, support and lots of chocolate! The Laced-Up team of volunteers makes the educational and social events for the community possible at low or no cost. Educational books ranging from bondage to age play are also available in the Boutique and webshop.

With a twinkle in her eye Sarah says, “We’ve only just begun!”

Check out the website at and the United Utrecht Perverts forum on .

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