Ah Canada

So I got a run down where you can find Von Gutenbeg magazine in Canada. If you happen to be living in the environs north of me, our issue six cover-girl MiMi Cherry’s home country, then make sure you pick-up a copy of issue 6 (and what will soon be issue 7) at:

Does Your Mother Know (and I am sure she does!) at 2139 W. 4th Ave in Vancouver sell us, as does Mayfair News at 1535 W .Broadway and Zulu Records at 1972 W 4th there (not so far away from Does Your Mother Know actually). You can find us at the Daily Globe Newshop, 1004 17th Ave S.W. in Calgary and Billy’s News 206 7th Ave S. in the same city. In Winnipeg there are two places that sell us, Dominion News And Gifts, 262 Portage Ave and McNally Robinson Books 1120 Grant Ave #4000.

And in Toronto we are at Presse Internationale-Bloor, at 537 Bloor W.

I guess my point is that if you are looking for Von Gutenberg you are sure to find it. We are out there among you, tickling and teasing from or our most recent steamy red cover, just dying for you to peal us open and feast your eyes on our latex marquis words and pictures and reporting on kinky events.

I have a extensive listing of the Canada locations we’ll be putting up soon as well sneaking in the other locations around the globe where you can get your grubby hands on our pages.