Von Gutenberg Recommends: 1000 Tattoos by Taschen

search The new 1000 Tattoos by Taschen is a chock-full little hardcover. Not only are we treated to some amazing pictures of tattoos (and the people sporting them) but in usual inimitable Taschen style we get plenty of text about the history of ‘wearable art’. 19th century engravings and tribal body art are on display here. Classic biker designs and colorful famous circus ladies are revealed. There are designs featured from Japan and other ports-of-call of sailors. And the book includes modern day examples of folks who live what used to be an alternative lifestyle either by being tattooed or working in the field…or both.

As you will recall, Von Gutenberg issue # 8 is tattoo themed. We feature TLC “New York Ink” TV star Megan Massacre on our cover (and in a stunning pictorial between our pages.) We also featured model Soma Snakeoil (among other ladies in that issue) a provocative woman who sports quite some interesting ink herself. We have art and photo essays in number eight revealing lots of tatted skin and even a “Best of Celebrity” tats essay. Really, we are no strangers to the tattoo lifestyle sensibility. And of course as latex devotes we find a kinship to any subculture that defines itself by a specific mark, clothing or interest. This is why issue number eight is tattoo themed and why this new Taschen book thrills us so.

Taschen books also thrill us simply because we know well the consistent quality of the house. This provocative publisher with its many stores throughout the world (in cities like London, New York and Berlin to name a few) continues to publish books of high art and design. They also hit on the avant-garde and sneak in lots of sex in their hardcovers. Known as much for their tomes like “The Big Book of Breasts” and Liz Earl’s self-researched ‘Cougar” status, Taschen also publishes books on architecture, The Beatles, big coffee-table hardcovers on specific cities, movies and comics…and this tattoo book. The visual-no matter the subject-married with an always informed background on the subject (presented in 3 languages in each book) is what makes a Taschen book what it is.

Grab yourself a copy of 1000 Tattoos and even Von Gutenberg issue 8 and have at tats!

Grab yourself a copy of our issue #8:

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First-Ever Tattoos Exhibition to Feature at 2014 BIG Industry Show and U.S. Cannabis Cup

imgresAmericans spent a staggering $1.65 billion on tattoos every year. Add to this fact that 2014 saw (and continues to see) maruianna legalization at the forefront of U.S. news. It stands to reason then that a tattoo exhibition occurring during the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup 2014 in Denver, Colorado (4/16-4/20) is the perfect timely marriage.

If you have feasted your eyes over Von Gutenberg issue number 8, you have caught TLC tattoo TV star Megan Massacre on our candy pink cover. We feel it’s our duty then to hip you all to the above tattoo happening at such a cool event. We are proud to announce the first ever tattoo exhibition occurring at the innovative Industry Show and High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup.

The event runs from April 16 thru 20, beginning with the two-day BIG Industry Show celebrating the 420 lifestyle’s leading business-to-businesses. The Galleria glass exhibition will follow on April 18. Featuring work of glass-blowing artists at the forefront of the marianna smoking industry, this day will be open to the public for the first time. The whole weekend concludes with the two-day U.S. Cannabis Cup on April 19 and 20.

Tattooing will be available at the event, beginning with that huge two day Industry Show. Featured tattoo stars scheduled to appear (and tattoo) include John Anderton, Forrest, Daniel Walker, El Whyner, Cesar Morales, Karl Berringer, Garrett Harper and many more.

The weekend will be held at the Denver Mart exhibition center. The huge event space is sure to see upwards of 30,000 for this get together of 420 advocates, tattoo fans and just the lay person interested in both smoke and tattoo ‘fashion’. This weekend will prove to be one of the most talked about events of early 2014, a true marriage of stylish cultures and mores.

Suffice it to say, all are welcome.

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Ink On The Wrist


Surely if you take a gander across our cover girl of issue number 8, Megan Massacre or flip through the pages of the issue, you are going to see lots of tattooed female flesh. And being a latex couture magazine we are we as much champion whatever one wears on their skin, permanent or not, clothes, piercings or ink, but in the world of celebrity you often find a sprinkle here, a dash there, not so much brazen attempts as Megan sports (being in the tattoo business as she is). And you often find celeb tats in some interesting places (no, not there! Get you mind out of the gutter, naughty birdy!)

I am thinking of wrists.

Lea Michele has I Believe in a pretty teal; Katy Perry sports J.C.’s first name (her parents are pastors if you recall) and Kelly Clarkson went religious as well with a cross and then the words “Love them more”…all these are adorn the celeb’s wrists. Sure we are seeing words scrawled down the inside of arms or near a side boob and God knows who is sporting what we don’t see (at least we don’t see all that often) little symbols and quotes on one’s wrists seem appropriate for the celebrity set these days for sure. And let’s not forget the guys. Ryan Reynolds sports a few tats, but the one on the underside of his wrist “Know Thyself” fits with the above; Shia LaBeouf sports some numbers and somehow- celeb Brody Jenners got ink there too.

Inked or not check-out issue number eight of Von Gutenberg via the links below and before you go a’ inking always give it a good long consideration…no matter where on your body you are thinking of adding ink, wrist or anywhere else.

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Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo


So guess who is looking super leggy sexy in a new Jimmy Choo add? Tom Cruise’s ex Nicole Kidman is showing off quite a bit of herself for the 2014 spring-summer Choo line. This certainly thunder-from-down-under Aussie 46 year-old poses topless in one shot, reveals plenty of gams in others and basically displays her class and beauty with strappy orange sandals, a truly micro short dress, a clutch and plenty of other items she makes look delicious.

As the lady herself explained: “I loved the minimal styling and how the shoes and bags became like a sensual second skin to me.”

You can see all things Jimmy Choo at their website here: http://us.jimmychoo.com/?geoip=geoip and God knows they are tops in the field of proving well made classy shoes, but Mrs Keith Urban lends such a high stepping class to their fashion that its hard to ignore what a celebrity of Kidman’s standing can do for a brand. Be it shoes, hair care products, dresses, showing-off alabaster like complexions (like Kidman’s) or models sporting piercings or tats (just like our VG #8 cover model Megan Massacre does) the right lady (or man for that matter) in the right ad simply rocks a product.

Nicole Kidman rocks Jimmy Choo.


Check our ‘rocking issue #8 that I mention above, down here: Von Gutenberg issue 8 for Android  Amazon  Kindle  PRINT  Apple




Well, Tat’s Just Dumb: Embarrassing Tattoos of Fantasy Football League


As you will certainly know by my hacking it here, our Von Gutenberg  #8, with Megan Massacre on the cover is our tattoo themed issue. We got goodies galore inside, Midori fiction, a House of Harlot photo display, Xander Design stuff, event coverage, and models like Bibiana Atada, Onna Sakura and of course Megan you will be glancing over again and again; it’s the usual VG splendifurous display. I’m ever so proud of this rockin’ candy colored cover of a book where we, as always, come to champion our love for latex couture, piercings and in this issue specifically tattoos-actually-and as always-V.G. champions any and all expression. Here at Von Gutenberg we really are into so many forms of ‘fashion’, whether it is in the clothes people wear or the things they do.

But it’s hard to champion expression when it is conducted in a way that is just downright frat boy foolhardy.

It seems a pack of Nebraska fantasy footballers set up a deal for their play…if you want to call what they do play. In these player’s “league” if you come in last you get tatted. The rule is the loser has to allow a tattoo placed on any four-inch-by-four-inch square on their person (luckily the loser can choose the tat) but as you will see from the clip below of Adam, Jordan and Spud (yes Spud)  when they appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the pics here, those tat’s can get out and out pretty embarrassing,…which is kinda the point I guess.

“The whole purpose of this league was to punish the loser so that everybody played as hard as they can every week,” was the quote from one of the boys.

Kinda dumb?

You decide.

See the video clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baroO1BcgBc, and look at the pic above.

See people who carefully chose their tattoos and didn’t get inked from losing a bet in our issue # 8:

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Lauren Hutton kickin’ it in Chanel thigh-highs

Sexy space-between-her-front-teeth slightly gravelly-voiced model/actress/talk show host Lauren Hutton was seen sporting the very ‘now’ fashion of thigh-high boots at a Chanel Texas-themed  métiers d’art collection runway show. Stepping-out in what probably were Chanel quilted black leather high boots the stunning seventy year old made as much a statement for timeless cool as she does for fashion in her recent campaigns for Lucky Brand, Mango and many others.


In a world way too obsessed with a woman’s age it’s refreshing to see a lady over 40 (well over) still making a mark on the culture. I remember listening to Teri Hatcher championing “Desperate Housewives” designed as the popular ABC T.V. hour was for over- 40 actresses who very often in their career (as Hatcher revealed) were dead to Hollywood because they were over-40 actresses. At the time (and still too often, though we are making inroads) women over 3o were considered past their prime in the entertainment field, yet men enjoyed that ‘getting older like fine wine’ double standard.

As I say this prejudice has lessened over the years (a bit) as much as (luckily) that super skinny trend for women that seemed to be all the rage only a few years ago. Too many young girls faced anorexia because they were being ‘fed’ the b.s. in fashion or film that to be popular a woman had to be so thin it was dangerous. Now we see BBW’s embraced more than ever before in our culture and tattoos even regarded as enhancing a lady’s look (check out Megan Massacre and the rest of our models in tattoo issue #8) and even on a Miss America contestant this year.

Staunch old paradigms of female beauty are being felled at every step and I dare say we are all the better for it.

Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but it crosses across gender, ethnicity, age and just about any determinant. And fashion is, as we all know, from our own love of latex couture to any other sense of what the Italians call ‘moda’ what each and every one of us make it to be.

See some fashion-and some tats-on our beauties in Von Gutenberg issue # 8. Available here:



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Von Gutenberg Magazine Issue 8 with Megan Massacre


Erik von Gutenberg is especially proud to announce Issue 8 with Megan Massacre, an amazing artist, great person and friend of Von Gutenberg!

TLC star Megan Massacre lights up tat-tastic issue # 8 of our international fashion quarterly, Von Gutenberg Magazine. Megan is the star of shows “N.Y. Ink” & “America’s Worst Tattoos” and along with models Bibiana Atada from Switzerland and Germany’s Onna Sakura, the petite tattooed T.V. star graces the startling candy colored cover of our fall 2013/winter 2014 issue.

Regulars Armando Huerta and Fang Ling Lee are on board with their fantasy art, Robert Archer’s House of Harlot and Louis Fleischauer’s AMF Korsets from Germany are the featured designers and photographers like Phillip Faith and Florida’s Antonio Angelo Piracci add to the provocative latex mayhem that makes Von Gutenberg the one-of-a-kind lifestyler’s dream publication.

Offered as both a print periodical and digitally for all eReaders, this latest issue of Von Gutenberg Magazine is another in a fine line of elegant issues released from your most trusted name in Fetish Fashion Couture.

Video on You Tube  from Issue 8 here: 


  • Megan Massacre
  • Onna Sakura
  • Mistress Absolute
  • Bibiana Atada
  • Soma Snakeoil


  • House of Harlot
  • Mad Duck
  • AMF Korsets


  • Phillip Faith
  • coJac
  • Ali Mere
  • Antonio Angelo Piracci
  • Toni Chaptom

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Enjoy this amazing Issue of VON GUTENBERG MAGAZINE

Theresa Vail, First Tattooed Miss America Contestant?

38479f22-fdf4-44eb-b8cf-a966395c2d75_1085160_10152137453462942_696742533_oI guess you could say I’m a little tat obsessed lately, what with our soon-to-be released issue #8 being our tattoo issue, featuring mega tat star Megan Massacre on the cover. But what I am on about today is less the actual magazine-believe me when it is released (in print and digital) there will be lots I’ll want to brag about)-and more this story I just read about Miss America and the taboo of tats.

In the 92dn annual beauty show Miss Kansas, a tatted boxer/mechanic/bow hunter/student and U.S. Army Sergeant showed her tats during the swimsuit competition. As Theresa Vail, the lady in question says of the coverage she is generating from her coverage: “My whole platform is empowering women to overcome stereotypes and break barriers. What a hypocrite I would be if I covered my ink. How can I tell other women to be fearless and true to themselves if I can’t do the same? I am who I am, tattoos and all.”

Though there are no rules forbidding the showing of tats in the pageant, and many pageant contestants sport them for sure, choosing to cover them with make-up or well placed outfit pieces, the twenty two year old blonde is certainly the first woman to truly show-of her ink in such a major pageant.

Vail’s ink? On her left shoulder is the insignia of the U.S. Army Dental Corps, and the Serenity Prayer (very visible the other night she strutted in her suit) runs down Vail’s right side.

13387816-mmmainThere have been Miss Tattoo USA and in Australia, Inked Beauties (started after Samantha Platt was rejected by competitions because of the full ‘sleeve’ of tats she sports).

In what seems to be a ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ quandary (or as Woody Allen famously quipped, “But if the beholder is blind, ask the guy next to you.”) it is yet to be seen if Vail will be rejected because of her reveal, (though no one would admit this) or even garner very much ‘ink’ after a winner is crowned, if it’s not her that is.