Sketch Me Baby

I know I keep warning about issue #6 of Von Gutenberg magazine, but I assure you this one will be our best yet!

In the planning of the magazine, checking copy as I do, I get to see all the pictures, design layouts-the amazing interviews written by yours truly-and in this new issue especially I got to peruse a bunch of amazing erotic drawings and artwork.

And lots of this stuff is very hot indeed;

I’m not saying I get aroused by ole’ Bugs Bunny (but hey, if that’s what does it for you, who am I to judge?). I’m referring to pencil renderings, airbrushing and Japanese Anime of barely legal school girls made to bend over, their pleaded school-girl skirts lifted-up over their pert bottoms while the man behind them raises a wide wooden paddle with hole…

Sorry, I was lost there for a moment.

From Fritz the Cat, to Michael Manning, to our own Fang Ling Lee whose artwork we will be seeing in issue six (more here there is some amazing artwork out there. We all know that static pictures as well as movies can get us all spunky and aroused (hell pictures are Von Gutenberg’s bread and butter), why can’t animated still shots and movies do it for us as well? The stuff I have been looking over for the magazine are some truly wild images, running the gambit from true fantasy cartoons to more realistic line drawings, but they are all as alluring as the pictures of our lovely models and the amazing interviews written by yours truly.