London Fashion Designer Sasha Louise’s Latex Kickstarter Campaign

bnSo here’s a question pitting our modern age with latex fashion: Would a Kickstarter campaign work for a fashion designer looking to fund latex couture? U.K. designer Sasha Louise, a London College of Fashion graduate and all-around top-notch designer, is currently trying to acquire funding via a Kickstarter campaign. Riding that balance beam between haute couture and fetish, Sasha is one of those designers who has her hands-on all aspects of her business-from pattern cutting, to product packaging, to marketing, etc.-and has created her own “latex net” material. She has worked with Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Nicole Scherzinger, as well as garnered interest in media from Rabid, SID, Notion and Fabulous magazines. Presently Sasha is shooting her first-ever “lookbook” intending to showcase it at London Fashion Week showrooms for both Men’s and Women’s fashion week. Sasha’s Kickstarter campaign has been put into place to make this all happen and to push her latex clothing to the next level.

As she says about this modern-day way of acquiring funds: “I’ve known of kickstarter for a while and have seen some really cool ideas come to life from it, so when I looked at where my company is and where I want to be I knew I needed funding and thought this would be a really interactive way of getting it.”

Sasha says she has only encountered positivity about her latex clothing, from all sorts of people (something we are thrilled to hear). Designing with the material we all know and love simply progressed from her personal ‘alternative’ interests.

“When I saw latex on the body I was in love…but when I touched it I was really in love,” she admits. “It’s such an amazing fabric and I just wanted to push the boundaries with it and see what I could do.”

Of course the downside of attempting to raise funds through Kickstarter is that one has to consider not reaching their goal. Sasha says if she doesn’t she will have to reduce her collection and not be able to continue with her Fashion week plans or distribute the lookbook, but she adds with a positivity that makes all the very best designers: “If it doesn’t happen right now then it will just take a little longer.”

Of course we hope Sasha reaches her goal (and beyond it for all her dreams.) Look for her kickstarter campaign here.

Fun Sexy Couture Stories

Sometimes there is just too much good stuff going on in the world of lifestyle, couture and sexiness not to fill-up one big blog with a few stories.

A Lingerie Jail Break

safe_imageThey say clothes make the man…but sometimes they fuel a prison break as well. In a Brazilian jail last week three women dressed in the outfits you see here (not exactly latex but certainly close to some of the couture we sell here) entered the lock-down promising the guards of Nova Mutum prison an orgy. The women seduced the guards to take them down to the guards’ sleeping barracks, where the ladies then slipped their companions spiked whiskey that soon left the guards unconscious and very soon relieved of their clothes, keys to cells and handcuffed. The women then proceeded to free 28 inmates.

Miley Cyrus On…Then Off

Hanna Montana has certainly grown-up in everyone’s estimation to the tongue totting Miley Cyrus of video, stage and twerking. One of the videos she used on her Bangerz Tour, titled “Tongue Tied,” was entered in the NYC Porn Festival happening at the end of February. Well at least it was submitted as the beginning of the week. It now seems Miley’s people have retracted the submission which shows Miley in fishnets, tied to a chair with a strip of black tape across her breasts.

It doesn’t seem that Cyrus is balking at being shown so bare, in a decidedly bondage-influenced ‘wardrobe,’ but according to the film festival’s organizer, the word ‘porn’ being used in the title of the event is what gave the Cyrus camp cold feet.miley-cyrus-enters-nyc-porn-festival-with-a-short-film-0

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover controversey

Not that bikini-clad models walking beaches and languidly showing their curves in an infamous yearly issue of a famous sport’s magazine doesn’t garner enough attention and derision each and every year. This year’s 2015’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has got lots of people weighing in over its cover alone! It seems 24 year old model Hannah Davis is just showing too much of herself for public decency.

Hannah is being criticized for pulling her bikini bottom just too low down her front (you judge for yourself, see the picture to the right). One should note though, that it’s this issue that features the first-ever plus-sized model (Ashley Graham) in a S.I. issue. hannah-davis-swimsuit-cover-reveal-2015

Sweet Miley Cyrus


Less we forget, very much like Cary Grant growing in his popularity as a movie star more than he ever was an actor (and a good actor at that), Cap’n Crunch as much a commercial cartoon character as breakfast cereal that could rot your teeth the recent maligned Miley Cyrus is a pop personality before she really is a musician. So why could anyone be truly surprised, up in arms, offended even by her display the other night at the VMA’s, a show surely built on the shaky ground of visual pop-dom over musicianship.

Like it or leave that wagging foam finger and the girl’s granny-panties bikini, one fact is clear from our pov: the lady, ex Disney brand, Billy Ray Cyrus’ kid has every right to shake her thang in the camera to oversized teddy bears and into Robin Thicke’s crotch as much as she wants.

You might not recall-and I certainly wasn’t born yet to have seen it originally-but back in the day folks were enraged over Elvis’ gyrations (a man seen as a pop star more than ever a musician, which is a shame because he had a fantastic voice all the way up to the overweight jumpsuit end of his days) that Marilyn Monroe (cultural sex symbol more than ever an actress, which is sad seeing her comedic turn in “Some Like It Hot”) singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. Prez…i…denta”  to her lover JFK was seen as quite scandalous and God knows Madonna (like Miley and MTV darling at one time and certainly media whore to the nth degree) has seen her time or two on a stage (or in her overpriced SEX book) where people simply scratched their hands and said: “What he f***?

Like those tragic movie theater shootings, what I saw the other night of Miley shaking her thang has me saying “Why doesn’t stuff like this happen more often?” as opposed to “Why does it?” Being a pop star or a serial killer (and both get huge attention from our media) both need to truly make a statement in their endeavors to have any impact (that’s what makes serial killers and pop stars so dangerous…albeit one very much more so then the other).

But as I don’t and never would with a serial killer, I do in indeed applaud Billy Ray’s daughter’s bump-and-twerk, not because me thinks the actual gyrations all that good actually-I thought them quite lame-(I saw a posting online that said Cyrus’ “twerking is not working”)-but because I live in a country where a performer can still do ‘things like that’ but that ex-Hannah Montana knows enough at this point in the pop-star-more important then-musicianship state MTV has put us in that what she did the other night is exactly what is expected of our best and brightest.

You go girl.

Check what it’s all about here:

‘Granny’ Panties Anyone?

And here I have been on about this for years (read here).


Market research company NPD reports that women’s ‘high-cut brief’ sales have doubled in the past couple of years. There has been a spike in retro unmentionable sales, stuff that typically covers more ‘area’ sports a higher waistline and is generally considered more comfortable to the women wearing it: the dreaded ‘Granny’ Panties.

Certainly of late female celeb style setters have been setting a higher-waisted fuller pantied standard; though not the first lady singer to sport lingerie during a performance Miley Cyrus has been wearing fuller panties and longer shorts on stage or on the town of late; Taylor Swift has been seen in a retro, high-waisted bikini all summer; actresses like Amanda Seyfried and Sofia Vergara have shown-up on recent magazine covers in fuller ‘hot pants’.



And if you doubt retro is all the rage, just take a look around!

Has Spanx added to the trend, prompting a younger generation into considering the benefits of girdles of old? Is it simply that with the truly ultra sickly skinny look kind of on the outs the market place is catering ever more to a everyday ‘figured’ gal who might want a little something to smooth out a tummy?

In the end though it might just come down to comfort over trend. I have often queried of my buddies (at least those as old as I) when the high cut panty was replaced by the thong or booty shorts (ah, what a year that was!) but none of us can rightly recall. But now I wonder if we might all remember 2013 as the year ‘Granny’ Panties made a comeback.