So, Let Me Tell You About Bianca Beauchamp

Sorry to say I am not available for every shoot we do at Von Gutenberg. Yes, I jump at the opportunity to interview our captivating ladies in person (oh yeah, to lube them too, I almost forgot about the lubing…tee hee) Though I had the pleasure in issue # 6 to feast my eyes upon, in person, the incredible woman-ness that is Mimi Cherry, Deanna Storm and Miss Mischief, I did not enjoy that same pleasure with Bianca Beauchamp.

But this doesn’t mean I like the lady any less.

Bianca, like our cover girl Mimi, is a Canadian lady. She was the first model to dedicate her whole web site-Bianca’s Latex Lair-to latex fetish erotica, has worked with Playboy and has hosted fetish events in the U.S. U.K., Germany and Montreal. In her photo shoot for us she wore fashions from Westward Bound, Polymorphe and HWD Design and wore them so well her pictures are incindiary! If you have yet to see them, might I refer you to pick-up the marquis latex lifestyle magazine (if I might be so bold to say) here.

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Meet Goddess Deanna Storm

We here at Von Gutenberg are tickled pink sometimes a full blushed red, (it depends on how hard that whip is falling across our…) for all the great people we get to work with. I have already told you about lots of them, especially the folks in our new issue #6. Designers, writers, photographers and our wonderful models all; I am honored to have worked with all these wonderfully talented folks and look forward to continuing to do so.

Now I have introduced you to the models we shot, at least with a preliminary essay about when I met the women to lube them (a tough job as I have said before, but one I suffer through) and in these past few weeks with more recent pieces of our cover girl MiMi Cherry and the provocative Miss Mischief. This week may I introduce you (well actually reintroduce you to) to Goddess Deanna Storm, our raven-haired hottie of issue 6?

Wearing a number of her own designs from The Storm Collection, created by Nemy of Latex Nemesis for lots of her pics in issue #6 you will see why Deanna Storm wears the title of Goddess well. An articulate woman who was gentle with me in ways I cannot begin to describe (she was the very first girl I lubed…well, at least for a magazine shoot) Deanna was a delight to behold, hold, hang with and lace-up. Deanna was actually the one who gave me the idea for the name of the band in my two stories in issue #6, Latex Camel Toe, as she joked about just that during her shoot (something I had to keep a keen eye on…another tough job to be sure).

So where might you see/find Goddess Deanna Storm? Well of course she adorns our Von Gutenberg #6 and that can be found here: as well as here:  




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Making Mischief

Miss Mischief is another one of our lovely marquis women featured in our new issue #6. Resplendently ‘tatted’ this North American native is one of those ladies who invests the very space around her with her good humor and unique beauty to a point where you almost don’t notice the kinky stuff she might be wearing…almost.

I recall the shoot with the inimitable Miss M. as quite the fun one-I know I have written about this before-as she brought down a couple of friends to help out and the guys were just as much fun as the lady was, though not as much fun for me to look at (sorry, I am hetero). Every time I roll through Miss Mischief’s pics, where she’s wearing designers Deadly Couture, DawnaMatrix, Cinched Tight and Fetasia Latex, I recall a wonderful time with the beautiful lady at the center if it all.

I’m not sure what exactly makes our magazine-if it ever is just one thing-the photo essays on top latex designers, the amazing writing (pat on back), the round down of kinky events and parties in the past few months, our one-of-a-kind artwork or our featured ladies but I can tell you for sure that working with Miss Mischief made my day for sure.


Meet Miss Mischief at:

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Fang Ling Lee

It really does pay to get out sometimes.

Erik V and I happened to spin through the NJ Exxxotica convention this year (as I already reported: and while there met quite a few people both he and I knew and made some new friends. Among the new was the artist Fang Ling Lee. Her work, displayed on a high make-shift six-wall ‘gallery’ set on her specific piece of pink carpet was so startling and sexy, and the artist herself about the nicest young woman one could ever wish to meet, that Erik made a decision right then and there to include her in issue #6.

Because this is an issue centered around comics, you’ll find schmushed right there between the pictures of our four models-cover girl MiMi Cherry, Canada’s Bianca Beauchamp, sultry Deanna Storm and the inimitable Miss Mischief-great art from people like Armando Huerta, Ed Mironiuk and Chainsaw Chuck.

And there is this great art from Fang Ling Lee, our new friend here at Von Gutenberg.

Check it all out at and the lady herself at:











Always Be Learning

So, we had Miss Mischief come in for a weekend photo shoot and the adorable lady traveled down from the great state of Massachusetts with her boyfriend Jesse and their roommate Shaun and as always, we had a grand old time at the old Von Gutenberg studios. Third lady in now for issue 6 and I have to say I’m having a great time meeting everyone and in Miss M’s case not just the model herself.

Yes, I got to do a lot less lubing with her man there (Jesse def knew his stuff in how to work latex and he and Shaun were like a well-oiled comedy duo as only the best-est of friends can ever be) but assisting Erik as I do and did lots on this occasion I am learning so much about the behind- the-scenes making of a magazine, beyond just what I knew about the writing of one.

Really, we learn all the time if we can keep our ears open, mouths shut and eyes peeled.

Even with the lubing, as much as my buddies constantly assure me it’s about the best job in the world (and I’d have to agree), I have learned so much about the care of latex, how to lace and unlace knee-high boots and really how much stuff Von Gutenberg has in its couture collection. I have had some quick hands-on lessons about moving photography backgrounds and setting lights, peering over Erik’s shoulder as he considers the aesthetics and trying to understand why he likes what he does and why he doesn’t. And of course mainly I’m meeting some truly great people at every shoot, getting to watch extremely talented hair and make-up artists do their thing and each one of these cool guys and girls has an interesting story to tell.

And of course I am learning just how to spread lube across pert breasts and work it into tight latex-covered taints so that when we go to shoot everything is shiny.

My parents always stressed the importance of a good education.