2013 Anyone?

Can you believe how fast 2012 flew? For us here at Von Gutenberg the startling amount of changes we got into- little things like redesigning this website, going digital with the magazine, getting together an enormous array of talent for issue 7-it was quite the year and we hope you all had a good 2012 and that your 2013 is even better.

I find I don’t much make New Year’s resolutions, do you? It’s not so much that I won’t stick to them as life just rolls by so fast I get up and into doing something-writing copy, lubing models, hanging with family and friends, basically living my life-that I don’t even know I am sticking to or breaking a promise I made to myself until well after I am into whatever I am doing; I think that’s true for all of us really. The best we can hope for is to make some headway, keep our chins up and hope those we love stay healthy.

So you’ll get no list of ‘things I want to get to this year’ promises and I am not going to check on you periodically to make sure you have stuck to your resolutions, even if you declare them aloud. In this particular case I actually advise ‘going gentle into that good’ day, taking it easy on yourself, revel in the things you do get to and don’t beat yourself up for those you do not, life spanks us around enough as it is.

From all of us here at V.G., have a spectacular 2013!

If you are of a mind to check out what is happening round here this new year here are the digital links to issue #7

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