Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Video, Fashion Product Placement

Well, it’s no surprise the new Nicki Minaj video for her new single “Anaconda” is getting a lot of attention…and a lot of views. The singer is certainly dressed (or undressed, see here) quite provocatively in what amounts to pretty much a video clip celebration of her celebrated body part (there might be a song in the midst of all that gyrating and skin showing.) But also the video is a modern day testament to great fashion product placement, maybe the best use of fashion product placement any of us have yet seen.

In the video and quite a few stills from it Nicki sports a pair of Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro GS Sneakers in Game Royal color. She also wears a beige Beach Bunny Runny Hot Underwire Bikini Top and Black Faster by Mark Faster mesh leggings. How do I know? Well all this stuff (and more) can be found on the site

Steak Her Style not only hosts a whole bunch of Nicki’s clothes from the past-every time she steps out she seems to be sporting some designer wear-but they host a whole bunch of celebrities doing the same thing…basically being seen in public in clothes that the public can get their hands on.

It used to be we never truly knew who was wearing what in a music video. It was enough we’d get amazed at styles, hairdos and make-up effects. But we live in a world where all information is disseminated at the blink of an eye, if you want to know something you can damn well find it out. Why shouldn’t a designer, couture house, alternate wardrobe maker not be able to advertise their wares if in fact the public cares, as they seem to these days.

We want the information, we get the information. Whether we are Googling for facts on our smart phone the second someone posts a question or we watch the new single “Anaconda.”


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Nicki Minaj Calming It Down?


So Nicki Minaj claims she is aiming for a more “natural, sexier look”. The sexy rapper, American Idol Judge claimed she is presently in a ‘transitional phase’, which in Nicki’s case-in any pop diva’s case-would as much have an effect on her fashion and style as it might on the music she makes.

Nicki also just launched her clothing line with Kmart, a line she says “women in general” can wear.

Nicki admitted to Us magazine: “It’s just a more, I would say, a sensual, natural, sexier look. Like to me, I did the Harajuku stuff. I did the crazy stuff. And now I kind of want to tone that back, and it’s not toning my personality back, it’s just showing like I don’t only have to do that.”

Though this change might really have to do more with Nicki assuring potential Kmart costumers that she’s not going to spring anything on them that they couldn’t handle or wear “in general” she did fire her stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist all together this past week.

Of course a woman should be allowed to change her mind and a pop songstress even more so. Appearing and appealing interesting, cutting-edge and different every time she steps on stage is not just Nicki’s prerogative it is actually her job.

I just wonder how she will look next time we see her?

This how we look presently at Von Gutenberg: