The First Annual Queerly Festival Celebrates Pride Week With Von Gutenberg Regulars

5e27d1048af41ed5f34c897f8cdf3f07831ee941[1]As you would expect, here at Von Gutenberg we certainly champion free expression of any point of view (if that p.o.v. condones freedom for all). Even the quickest perusal of our lifestyle events (see the latest in issue #9) or a regular read of this blog you’ll see we have supported plenty an artistic or cultural expression. Be thee working and living in the LGBT community, or be thee involved in fetish/alternative/kink couture design, modeling or performing, you know V.G. will not only support but continue to report on all the good works our family of friends are into. The Queerly Festival, produced by The Horse Trade Theatre Group of NYC, is one such grouping of events Von Gutenberg is behind, celebrating as it does Pride Week, NYC.
What’s even more interesting about this week of theatre pieces is that the show “Song, Word and Deed,” happening on 6/26, 8pm at the Kraine Theatre location is being directed and emcee-d by our very own editor-in-chief, Ralph Greco, Jr (Ralph has also written two pieces for the show.) The hour plus will also feature one of our past writers, Tom Kennedy, as well as techno music maven Madam Marvelous performing a song (read issue #9 to learn more about the provocative M.M.)

It’s going to be quite the Von Gutenberg family affair.

The first annual Queerly Festival, which runs 6/25-7/3 at both Horse Trade Theatre locations-the Kraine Theatre at 85 W. 4th in the village, NYC and UNDER St. Marks, at 94 St. Mark’s Place from 6/25-to-7/3, is presented a wide range of shows. Ralph’s is a variety hour of readings, one short one act and song, while there are other shows in the full week of the program that includes drag cabaret, Karaoke and lots more.
There is bound to be more than one show to tickle your naughty sensibilitieswill prove to a chock-full celebration of LGBT culture running between and , and one we are sure you do not want to miss.44e9994c7d0ec01202dd8c170028dd94_750x600[1]

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris

Starring in both his first-ever Broadway role as well as in the first-ever Broadway production of the now iconic rock trans musical, Neil Patrick Harris is revealing to audiences why he won a Tony award for his turn in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

This wild interactive musical is an alt. fashionistas dream, a kinksters scene and a shot-in-the-arm of to the big Disney-fied Broadway fare clustering-up the great white way these days. With song titles like “Angry Inch” “Wig in a Box” “Exquisite Corpse” and “Sugar Daddy” you have to know you are not getting The Lion King here or even mainstream kinkiness of Kinky Boots. Shows like Hedwig hardly ever make it to Broadway (the original Hedwig production that enjoyed much critical acclaim had a long run at an off-Broadway house).

It’s Harris’ celebrity and skills that make this revival so popular…and sold out. A T.V. star in his own right, from his years starring in “Doogie Howser M.D.” to being part of the ensemble cast of “How I Met Your Mother” he has proved a talented song-and-dance man, hosting the Tony’s himself in 2009, 11, 12 and 13. He’s also been out since 2006 and his raising two children he and his partner David Burtka adopted from a surrogate mom.

What makes “Hedwig” very cool from a fashion/theatre arts perspective is as much the animation featured into the action as well as how quickly the costume (and mostly wig) changes occur…on stage, in real time of the action. In fact there is only one real moment when Harris is actually off stage for a change, ducking down out of sight during a song, then back up in a totally different look. Once again it speaks to the talent backstage as well as on to make a show like this run smoothly, something Harris actually spoke about when he thanked his dresser during this Tony acceptance speech this year,.

A star-turning performance of rock and roll transgender sublime and high fashion art is occurring at the Belasco Theatre with Neil Patrick Harris recreating Hedwig And The Angry Inch.

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Cupcakes, Corsets and Puppy Dog Tails

I am coming to learn that not every kinky event need be specifically so kinky.

Living in the NYC area I am exposed to and can attend many a party/munch/convention…but truth be told, I rarely do. It’s not that I think I am above it all, that I don’t have or can’t find friends at these get to-gethers, that some of what we list in our Fantasy Event List: don’t just sound like the bees knees of a good night out to me, it’s just that I am crotchety and don’t really get out much.

But I had been keeping-up a correspondence with Justina Walford of NYC’s own Bare Naked Bake Sale organization: the marquis group who mix some good old fashion topless fun, yummy baked goods and collecting funds for organizations like the Fallen Heroes Fund and last night’s cause for rescued pets. As Justina’s group say they are out to “change the world with the shirt off your back”.

Pet-dressed attendees were allowed free admission and I saw as much bouncing boobs on display as I did attached tails and various types of faux animal ears. It really was a happy crowd down at Madam X lounge in the village of NYC, a perfect plush venue for those of us as interested in corsets and cleavage as those who have a penchant to dress-up like a tiger…and the cupcakes were damn good too!

Hardcore to mild, the see-to-be-scensters to strict voyeurs, spankos to power-exchange couples playing in foursomes, to those into belonephilia or straight porn fans who attend conventions amassing autographs of their favorite stars to being among a nice Thursday night group of women baring boobies, selling cupcakes and working hard to raise awareness for pets really there are so many events happening that a lifestyler could enjoy.

I just happened to hit one of them and now am back in my little hovel once again avoiding the light of a new day.!/pages/Von-Gutenberg-Couture/198437400176423!/groups/261144418631/!/Von_Gutenberg

Gonna Get SMacked?

So I have a couple of friends who are going to SMack this weekend in NYC-part of the New York Fetish Marathon: I have been put on the list to get in. It’s one of those occasions where I can go, hang with some buddies, do the scene-this event prompts its guests to come as their favorite super hero/super-villian-then report on it later for the various outlets I happen to cover kinky events for (this blog being the main one of course). Especially when it comes to these types of happenings, in NYC you just know there is bound to be a wild variety of really interesting people that are bound to make SMACK a marquis event.

The problem is…I just don’t get out all that much. I write, I help Erik put together the magazine-lubing, interviewing, moving a light here and there-I hang with friends on occasion, do my radio show, I write (did I mention I write?) but basically I am a homebody. It’s not that I don’t have an interest in all the events I list in our Fantasy Event List, found here: or that I don’t like watching one girl put another across her lap, or that I haven’t attended a munch or two, that I don’t own a pair of black pants, that I’m antisocial or that I’m not a fan of Iron Man or Batgirl (I certainly am), it’s just that I really don’t get out much.

So it’s anybody’s guess (well it’s just my guess, nobody else cares or even knows I am considering the option) if I’m going to this 16th year anniversary of SMack. Maybe I’ll see you there.


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So, Who Says What's Kinky?

Yes the weekend you are your play partner are at might be labeled a marquis kinky event. Yes, you might frequent Fetlife or shop in stores known for their adult toys (I have been lucky to hit one’s in London, NYC, L.A. and San Francisco-strictly for research purposes of course); you might even spend time with people who read Von Gutenberg magazine or you have turned-on a few folks to our pages; you might brag about a wardrobe that competes with our couture line, found here.

But rest assured, no matter how much you play, ruminate over or share some time with like-minded folk, nobody but nobody has a clear definition of what kinky really is.

And that’s the way it should be; one’s man meat is another’s poison and all that. If playing airline pilot and stewardess is your thing, then have it, just don’t try and convince me that this is the apogee of kinky then I’m into wearing my Jackboots everywhere and get-off on making my lover smell the sweaty socks I wear with them. I double-dog dare you to convince me that you have the clear objective definition of what kinky is, because I assure you you don’t.

Von Gutenberg is a decidedly lifestyle fetish magazine, more often than not showcasing latex and leather but you will see by our articles or all the kinky events we list on our Fantasy Event List that we include as many interests and happenings as we come in contact with and are always on the look-out for more.

From the mild to the wild it is up to you to determine which, if either works in your life and your specific definition of both.







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Reveling In One's Community

We all do what we do, get into what we are into, live, love, enjoy or reject what we do for a whole host of reasons. You might be into leather boots, your girlfriend into cooking, your next door neighbor into video games and the couple down the street might love to go antiquing on the weekend…and they might not even be a gay male couple. We just do what we do because we do it, sometimes there is no more reason that then.

I was reminded this week of the many facets of our interests when I attended NYC’s Comicon at the sprawling Javitz Center. I know lots of us have been to conventions, events, parties, weekend get-a-ways for our particular interests and/or fetishes, but I have to tell you the tons of folks who attend Comicon are a zealot, fun breed.

First of all, about 40% of this crowd is dressed, dressed in such amazing homemade costumes of Lycra, leather and other materials it would make any lifestyle fetishist chartreuse with envy. Secondly, these folks-and it’s not just light-shy teenage boys that populate these conventions as it was when I hit the second-ever Star Trek convention back in the day so many years ago I won’t dare admit to you now what year that was-I saw a great cross section of old and young, male and female at Comicon. And lastly, there is so much stuff at Comicon you could get lost picking out a leather corset (yes, we were well represented in this crowd, believe me) as much as those comics you have been looking for the past decade or so.

But mostly this convention tickled me (as Exxxotica will do in a few weeks here in NJ) as TES Fest did and does for me every July 4th weekend and as any of the events you will find on our FantasyEventList site do. When I see like-minded people reveling in their interest, no matter what that interest might my ever-dwindling faith in human kind is bolstered.

A weekend full of gaming, NYC hotdogs and girls dressed as their favorite Anima characters… all is good in the hood my friends.