La Galerie Provocatrice (Sexy Art Gallery)

erikfoto-eu-0333Never let it be said that Von Gutenberg only champions alluring and provocative photographs. Certainly we love our models, from Ophelia Overdose to Bibana Atada to Rubberdoll. We are proud as punch to work with the designers we do, thrilled with the array of worldwide photographers’ works we display and love the writers too. But just as important to all these other pieces and parcels to our magazine and website are the drawings, paintings and general artwork that we’ve come to love to feature. We’ve worked with truly the best in that regard, names like Armando Huerta, Fang Ling Lee, This is why we want to let you know about the awfully wicked sexy art gallery summer sale happening over at La Galerie Provocatrice.

The mission of this unique gallery is to advocate and encourage an openness and willingness to enjoy provocative art. The art shown in the Sexy Art Gallery is based on the premise that art can and “should stimulate a positive atmosphere wherever it is placed.” Buy showing and selling a chock-full collection of work from artists from around the world La Galerie Provocatrice gives width and breath to the sexy, the often-times fetish, the always artful and even sometimes fashionable.

The gallery and museum features shows and exhibits like “Rubber, Frills & Thrills.” and “Pornsaints” and artists like Antonio Biella from Italy, Claudie Hek from The Netherlands, Amy Matthews and Alejandra Guerrero from the USA and Australia’s Nila Vanwolf

The Sexy Art Gallery at the Erotic Museum (3rd floor) is at O.Z. Achterburgwal 54 Amsterdam open 11am to 1am f-sat 11-2 and they can be reached via:

They take online orders in dollars or euros, through all credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. It would be in your best interest to give the gallery a walk thru if you are in town or a look through when online, You’d be surprised how provocative the world can be.

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