Paris Hilton Fetish?

paris HIt’s not the first time we’ve seen her showing so much skin, nor the first time we have seen her sporting what we’d probably consider mainstream “fetish couture”; Paris Hilton indulged in what certainly has the makings of BDSM-themed wardrobe at NYC’s PH-D Rooftop Lounge last week.

Whether she is catching the wave of Fashion Weeks (the NYC one having happened the beginning of Sept.), looking to shock or simply enjoying the feel of leather gloves, the cutouts of a very revealing swimsuit, her thigh high boots, Paris was dressed for events like those we feature here. Photographer Renie Saliba, stylist Mark Jen Hsu, make-up artist Beau Derrick and hairstylist Ty Shearn had the blonde, lanky heiress looking about as far and away different from her usual soft half-lidded eyes look as possible. She looked good, chic, she look naughty, but she certainly still looked every bit as much Paris.

As we have all seen in many instances, far and away far from the models like Rubber Doll, Ophelia Overdose, Sabina Kelley whose work is indeed modeling fetish wear (and have also all worked with Von Gutenberg) Paris Hilton is another one of those celebrities who plays round the edges of alt. couture. And it’s not nessassarily a bad thing she does though, for when our more popular A-list-ers slip on something fetish-y (say Madonna and Katy Perry in that recent W magazine shoot…or even Ceine Dion who wore some very provocative and revealing outfits for a shoot a year or so back) it does get people to stand up and notice…and it gives a good old ‘shout out’ to those of us who work in the industry of alternative outfits.

As we applaud anyone anywhere wearing whatever they like, we recognize this recent foray of Paris Hilton’s to show a little more skin than usual in outfits that are not exactly in her wheelhouse.

Fetish alt. couture is in our wheelhouse…see here:

CableDrop and Cableyoyo, ‘in fashion’…for your comuter

Yes, I know this is usually a blog about fashion couture and latex lifestyle (at the very top of our interests); that we have featured everyone from Megan Massacare  to Rubberdoll to Bianca Beauchamp in this blog, through our issues 1 through eight and even on some behind the scenes video you see here from time to time; we champion Mode/Moda/Fashion in all its global forms by penning exposes on art, feature fetish and fantasy fiction and bringing you updates and photo collages on such renown  designers of latex-or pretty much any material-from houses like House of Harlot, Polymorphe, Inner Inner Sanctum to Jimmy Choo and Karl Lagerfeld.

Really we’re trying to cover as much of what we know interests us and our friends as we can.
So you can’t damn me when I get some handy dandy neato item to review that might fall afield of our usual reporting but I think truly ‘fashionable’ and certainly something we truly all could use in this day and age.

The CableDrop and Cableyoyo from both fit low data cords (the drops a little bit more as they can hold ear buds, glasses and pencils) are self adhesive beauties you can pretty much stick anyplace. The yoyo is actually a portable item, a square thin plate that allows you to coil up to 6 feet of a low voltage cord and when unwinding that cord from the yoyo you’ll find that cord remaining straight. You can put this little Cableyoyo in your pocket for on-the-go use. The drops, available in lime green, light mustard and pink are plastic ‘drops’ flat on one side (where they have a peel-and-stick backing) round on their other where a thin groove runs half through the thing’s face center horizontally.


See, it’s not all about tattoos, Ophelia Overdose or latex catsuits here at Von Gutenberg (not that we don’t love Ophelia and wouldn’t want to see her in a  catsuit!) The point is there’s a lot more to fashion then what people are wearing, as I have opined plenty of times (see my blog here on   ). Products like the CableDrop and Cableyoyo are truly fashionable for our times and worth a little look-see from you our Von Gutenberg reader….I know I’m going to use the ones I got.

Issue number eight of Von Gutenberg is worth a look-see too and if you have yet to have a look-see at our infamous tattoo issue with Miss Megan Massacre on its candy pink cover have a look here:

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This holds true for the blogging I do here. Sure I hope somebody’s reading me (and by last count you are out there for sure!) but I can’t really let the amount of hits we get determine the content of what I produce for Von Gutenberg here twice weekly. To do what I do to the best of my ability I have to keep reporting/commenting/exposing in the same way I always have and hope it all proves entertaining; if I ever tried to second guess myself I’d be lost.

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As you will see from that press release and as you will hear Erik and I opine quote often when discussing this issue (and the future of V.G.) publishing the magazine now in digital- as well as in print-was tantamount to its survival. It’s a decision all other publishers are making, hell name me a business that is staying competitive these days that’s not considering its digital options? But above and beyond just being good business, seeing the magazine published in digital formats like Apple’s newsstand (we are the first latex couture magazine to be offered there, something we are very proud of) ‘going digital’ will see untapped potential for us in what we publish…and when.

I’m not revealing anything we’re planning for 2013, but just know Erik has plenty of ideas for the future of our Fashion, Latex and Lifestyle portal. In the blogs ahead I will focus on the talented men and women who came together to make issue #7 the startling Steampunk issue it is.

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