It’s Not Always What You Wear When You’re There: The World Naked Bike Ride

Did you know that last weekend was the annual World Naked Bike Ride…the biggest and original one held in Portland, OR? I happen to have a close buddy who happened to be on the street looking (taking video from her phone) and hipped me to the event (and sent me a pic) then I went here: to find out about it all.

Far be it for me to ever declare what is ‘fashion’ or fashionable and keeping with what we provide on our Fantasy Event List, I thought it would be fun to report about this ride, one of 100 documented Naked Bike Rides that actually occur around the world. It all started in 2004 there in Portland, the first year boasting 125 riders; last year 4200!


What I saw from the video captures and the mini Vimeo documentary (and I tuned in merely for research purposes you understand) was a relatively sedate bunch of folks (most sporting some sort of panty or bottom undies) riding through the night streets of Portland, being maneuvered by the kind slowl steady hand of police in cars that followed or flanked them, folks on the sidewalks cheering and basically everyone ending down at a riverside park to dance and celebrate the near seven mile ride.

Body painters volunteered their skills, there were bike mechanics on hand to lend a hand (or wheel), plenty of volunteers along the way. There’s a lot to the reasons behind the ride but let me leave you with this with a quote from Conrad Schmidt, founder of The Work Less Party and Artists for Peace and WNBR and organizer for WNBR Vancouver, B.C. to enlighten and inspire:

“Our message to the world is one of simplification, human harmony and love. For a future to exist for tomorrows generations, we have to stop wasting the life blood energy of the Earth, stop fighting and killing in the name of consumerist wealth accumulation and learn to love and respect all life on this planet.”

How’s that for fashionable?

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