Bjork at Bonnaroo…and other interesting music fashions for a rockin’ weekend

130616-bonnaroo-bjork-600-1371397420Nobody can ever claim that Bjork is not an interesting lady. Like or detest her warble, she certainly presents an interesting public persona, on stage and off. We all recall the infamous swan dress, but check out her wearing this ‘interesting’ headpiece designed by Maiko Takeda. The Iceland pop star was performing at the famous Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee and as you will see below, while she might have been one of the more shockingly outfitted, she wasn’t the only one rockin’ wild rock fashions.

Pop and rock stars do this like nobody else really. First, they have the bucks, the access to cutting edge designers and as much that part of their job is making music they are also supposed to make with the public persona, one aspect of which is dressing provocatively.


So, Bonnaroo supported such famous acts as ZZ Top, beards and all; Paul Macca McCartney clocking in an impressive 3hr set (and Sir Paul over 70!) but then it also had Jimmy Dixon of Django Django sporting electric tape-like stripes across his jacket, the red robes of The Polyphonic Spree, the triangular shades of duo chromatic Ariel Pink and the space age assault of Empire of the Sun’s outfits. Sure there are the followers of their own decided un-fashionable fashionable look, artists like Joey Burns, Milo Greene, Allen Stone all fronting a dressed down look, but for the most part you know how it is with our pop and rock stars, they do like to flaunt it.

And thank god they do.