Von Gutenberg Weekly Toy Review Sinvention

Erik von Gutenberg recommends the weekly toy review with Mistress Darkniis. She knows the toys as no other and we are proud to have her on the blog reviewing toys & accessories!

Sinvention Sunday – Quiet Please!
Saturday was a lovely evening of wining and dining… Mistress conveniently forgot that red wine means a headache the next morning!

Quiet in the house please!

The Mother of Sinvention has just the item to make it a relaxing Sunday!

From our lovely lady we have two versions of quiet time in the dungeon; the ball gag and the penis gag.

Sinvention Ball Gag
Made with food grade, safe, non-toxic Canadian balls!! Two ball sizes are available 2″ and 1 5/8″. The balls are available in red, purple and black. Thick bridle leather is used to make the strap and of course comes with a locking hasp. The garment leather that holds each ball in place has snaps so that it can be undone to keep the ball sparkling clean and shiny. This silence is music to my ears!
Sinvention Penis Gag
If you are having particular difficulty with your pet being noisy this little number may do the trick… The penis comes in red, black or purple and again is made of safe, non-toxic, food grade silicone. It is 2 1/2 inches long and 5″ in circumference. The strap is made of quality bridle leather with the Sinvention trademark locking hasp. The penis is riveted into the gag – but I assure you it is easy enough to clean off the drool!

I am going to enjoy my peacefully quiet Sunday morning thanks to my Canadian friend at Church of Sinvention.