Dr Love lubricant purity you want to have

drloveErik von Gutenberg recommends Dr. Love products!

Without making any compromises on consumer safety, Dr. Love gears up to conquer the market worldwide. Dieter Laros, the mastermind behind this new product, and his team focus on the highest purity for the benefit and safety of consumers, despite the higher raw material and formula costs involved. Dr. Love is not only a state-of-the-art lubricant because of the safety values but packaging and appearance is equally as auspicious.

The lubricant market was still in its early days in the 1990s and many consumers enriched and moistened their love making with oil and fats. These were neither compatible with condoms nor did they meet the sensual requirements. Then fortunately this changed in 1992 when Dieter Laros, together with a partner, developed a new type of lubricant. The product soon enjoyed a worldwide reputation and is still a classic traditional lubricant. “Made in Germany” quality asserts itself on a market and customers have honoured this with loyalty. The magic formula was made of different components of a unique silicone blend. After a while consumers started to ask for a variety of consistency, scent and taste and their range of lubricants began to expand. Dieter Laros, former company founder, trend setter, product developer, producer and lubricant guru turned his attentions to his consultancy and conceptualism skills and after three years has come up with an entirely new type of silicone lubricant, based on extremely pure silicium molecules, with one of the highest purity lubrication indices worldwide.

Purity has an immensely high value at Futuring, Intl. and Dr. Love is no exception. In order to meet these extraordinarily high standards, the formula contains neither Cyclomethicone nor Cyclopentasiloxan. Dr.Love is also free of colours and preservatives to guarantee compatibility with skin and mucous membranes as well as with condoms. These standards are the concept behind their slogan “Live Healthy! Love Safely!” To create the right healthy blend, a composition that is much silkier more lubricating and that leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin, the formula was developed, improved and tested for over three years. pharmaceutical grade Dimethicone and Dimethiconol are used in the formulation. The balance of Dimethicone and Dimethiconol without the use of cyclic silicones is truly a milestone in the history of lubricants and glides!

getmaxDr. Love is already popular in many countries across the globe. Apparently, consumers are automatically attracted to it in the shops and the sales figures show that the success is based on both impulse buying and repeat sales. The modern design and the sophisticated, certified formula reflect the professional origin of this new product. It is a scientific and unique blend, completely in tune with the contemporary market in an attractive packaging designed to arouse emotions. The consumer reactions so far have been extremely positive. The name of the product sparks emotion at the POS and Dr. Love creates that “must have” feeling. Promotion campaigns for wholesalers and retailers support and emphasize these impulses, helping to establish Dr. Love as a premium brand in the minds of the consumers. However; not wanting to sit back and rest on their laurels, Dieter Laros and the Futuring team continue to work on new concepts, innovations and products. Dr. Love is synonymous for passion, for the power and strength to turn a dream into reality and the vision of giving consumers unforgettable moments of pleasure.