Von Gutenberg Weekly toy review Phallix Glass

reviewbannerErik von Gutenberg recommends the weekly toy review with Mistress Darkniis. She knows the toys as no other and we are proud to have her on the blog reviewing toys & accessories!

Phallix Glass – Stainless Steel Threaded Love Wand

Phallix is the exclusive provider of adult sex toys for Vivid & Playboy TV as seen on Sexcetera.

Phallix makes high quality, medical grade pyrex glass dildos. 100% safe, hypoallergenic & often recommended by doctors. All Phallix glass dildos are tempered for high durability and will last a lifetime. Colors won’t fade or bleed on their glass dildos & they are dishwasher safe!

Phallix also makes a line of stainless steel toys. With the same quality control as their line of glass toys they have sent us the 7 inch “Threaded Love Wand” for review.

Reasonably priced at $99.99 on their website the 7 inch wands are available in two different diameters.


As with the glass – the stainless steel can be heated by placing it in a glass of hot water or cooled with ice water. The ribbing on the provides extra sensation for your pleasure and the curved knob on the end offers a handle for ease of use.

To make it vibrate – grab your favorite mini-bullet in your palm while you are using your wand for some added sensation.

As with the glass toys, the steel toys are made with pride in the USA. Each toy comes with a satin and lace bag for you to protect, carry or store your wand discretely. There are lots of imitators out there – make sure you are buying a safe, genuine pyrex product.