Fetish Map London 2014/15

FMLcover8.2Our friends at PictureRama Publishing have released their latest Fetish Map London 2014/15, the UK’s leading map of all things fetish..and where to find the kinky and alternative. We report on the publication of each new map, thrilled as we are to announce this issue #8 as much as to champion non vanilla styles and lifestyles across the globe.

Good old London town attracts an abundance of fetish, kinky, alt. enthusiasts, old pros and newcomers both looking for essential information on clubbing events, dungeons, shops and meeting places. Whether one is a tourist, visitor from within the UK or happens to live/work/play in London, it cannot be stated enough that the grand old city is a haven for eccentricity, good times and safe play. The Fetish Map London recognizes all London and its outlaying areas have to offer by listing over 200 shops, clubs, services, munches, body art, hair and beauty, bars, parties, and annual events where hundreds of kinksters gather year after year.

As you’d expect the map features the full Pandor’s Box of pansexual possibilities: fetish, BDSM, TV, gay, bisexual, and kinky and reveals venues, saunas, bars, and meeting places for all tastes and inclinations.

Fetish Map has checked all listings to ensure authenticity, and researched the places they list for their readers’ convenience, saving us all time and effort in the time and effort they took to check things out.

Issue 8 boasts a wider array of advertisers and listings, covering much more than ever before and expanding its international reach the map supplies its fans with more then with what London has to offer.

In conjunction with PictureRama’s Fetish Map publication they also have revealed a reissue #3 of this year’s Burlesque Map London, specifically focused on that sexiest of live performance art. These unique maps are the perfect companions (see their YouTube promotions here: Fetish Map London: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE1hxMwjC6BJyV6Uz-I0_sw

Burlesque Map London: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3opmzVRBMiQlPkmTBiccA)


See our own issue #8 here:

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Fetish Map London

The production team of James, Eva, Hugh, and SatinGoth publish what is one of the very best up-to-the minute events listings and all around kink scene manifestos, the Fetish Map London. We keep you abreast of happenings on our own fantasyeventlist.com but if you take a look at Fetish Map London you will see as much what’s happening currently and in the future in the wild lifestyle U.K. city as much as will be able to locate and take a peak at stalwart haunts where kinsters congregate. Fetish Map London also gives one the skinny on shops, services, and bars as it does where one might have their make-up done or where one might go to network.

So far nearly 60,000 copies of PictureRama Publishing’s ‘map’ have found its ways into people’s hands in its decade of existence. Through its outreach the map travels outside London too (their most recent efforts have been to infuse the map with a global reach); recently they ran a piece on Paris’ kink store Metamoph’Ose. The map is also building and promoting ever stronger connections with fetish tourism across the world and their Twitter and Facebook pages are a’booming!


You can peruse the Fetish Map London as much for the Erotica convention http://erotica-uk.com/ which is making its way back to London in Oct. as you can look for a mistress any old time. Or even advertise with the good people at the map and get the full feel of their wide reach.

Check out our friends here: http://www.fetishmap.co.uk/