MARQUIS America exclusive Interview: Angie Pontani

angieMARQUIS AMERICA recomends Angie Pontani, the Brooklyn Bombshell, who performs her burlesque show all over the world. She is stunning, beautiful and amazing. Below you see an exclusive interview with Erik von Gutenberg, the founder and enterpreneur from MARQUIS AMERICA.


How long have you been a burlesque model and when did you find out you have a fetish for this kind of art and dance?

I’ve been working in burlesque for over  10  bedazzled years.   I had always wanted to be a performer, I was 100% sure of that by age 4.  I think my desire to be an entertainer was inspired in great part by the films my family would watch as well as the music we would listen to.  Even though I grew up on the 80’s and 90’s, I was raised on a diet of Technicolor musicals and Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra records.  The films always featured beautifully costumed girls and larger then life dance acts.  I loved it, to me that is entertainment and it’s what I always wanted to do.  In my burlesque career, I draw from those influences in my costumes, performance style and musical choices. 


What did you do before you got a famous burlesque model?

A lot of things!  I was a make up artist, a receptionist at a recorder studio, a nanny, I played guitar in a really bad band, I even apprenticed as a tattoo artist for a minute. But all of these jobs/fancies were part time to support my dance habit.  I was in my first burlesque show at 17, so I would work my normal job during the day and perform at night!


How would you describe you personal style as a dancer and performer?

I would say that my style is classic with a bit of contemporary flair. 


Would you say you are a fetish model as well?

Most photographers I work with tend to want to shoot me in a cheesecake pin up style.  I’ve been trying to break out of that lately and draw inspiration from classic smoldering sex pots like Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale.  Aside from doing some Bettie Page style shots with a riding crop and  vintage styled spanking scenes, I have not really done much fetish inspired work.


What feedback do you get from the society being a Burlesque model and how do you react?

Today people are excited and supportive of the art of burlesque.  Ten years ago you would have to explain it or in some cases defend it. There was more then one occasion where I was accused of setting back the feminist movement, which I find ironic as today burlesques biggest fans are typically female.


angielonghairHow would you define Burlesque and Pin up or Striptease, is there a difference between the 3?

They are all related.  Burlesque and strip tease go hand in hand, like wise with pin up, All cousins in the same family!


Angie, you like latex as well for you to wear and what is your personal favorite fetish?

I love latex, I was recently at a show, “Last Call at the Starliner Lounge”, where the Baroness costumed one of the performers.  The fashions were amazing, absolutely gorgeous!  For myself, I would say corsets and extremely high heels.  I love getting the most out of the female form. 


“This is burlesque”, what is so intriguing doing this show and performing in NYC?

It’s so exciting to be a part of a running show in NYC. We have been going strong every weekend for almost 2 years.  There is something very gratifying about having a showbiz home, especially in the entertainment capital of the world where the competition can be difficult.  At “This Is Burlesque”, we have an amazing home at Corio, a fabulous and supportive cast and crew as well as the good fortune of getting great press.  Sometimes, in the summer, I open the back door of my dressing room which leads to the roof and I’ll sit out there during intermission and watch the traffic go by on West Broadway.  It reminds me of a scene from one of the movies I watched when I was a kid. I love it, it’s pure showbiz and so New York. 


What is the most fun aspect in doing burlesque for you?

Every day is different.  I get to travel a lot, meet new people, go new places. There isn’t a lot of pattern and repetition, which I love. It’s always a new adventure. Even at “This Is Burlesque”, every show is different, every audience is different, every performance is different!  I think that keeps me on my toes, literally!  I never know what tomorrow will bring.


Angie a lot of young talents want to be a star like you – What are the requirements to be a burlesque model & star?

It requires a lot of commitment and passion, Like everything else, you get back what you put into something.   It’s a 24 hour a day 7 days a week job.  Even though I typically only work 3 – 4 nights a week, it goes well beyond that.  I’m constantly working on my performances, maintaining my costume wardrobe, creating new performances as well as simply taking care of myself.     It can take a lot of stamina to do 2 shows a night, for me, that is 8 costume changes and performances!

In which part of the world did you not perform yet and you would love to go there?

I have not performed in Asia yet, I would love to do that. I think it would be very exciting!


You love this wonderfull wardrobe, what is Angie wearing private?

When I’m not onstage, I still love dressing up.  While I am not always in dresses, I am always in high heels. At 5’2, heels are one thing I don’t leave home with out.   I’m also a bit of a serial matcher, everything I wear from lingerie to my purse, shoes, socks and even my nails must match!


angie_amysussman5Where are you looking for your new burlesque wardrobe?

In my burlesque wardrobe, I am always looking for new ways of taking something off.  I work with designer Garo Sparo on 99.9% of my costumes and we are always trying to come up with clever ways to remove layers. A hidden zipper here, a few snaps there. I love it.  We just created the most amazing green gown with a gold lace overlay.  It is magnificent. The best part is that it looks like a complete fabulous one piece gown, but it’s not! 


Who is your favorite designer? I don’t really have a favorite, but I love Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and most of the Italian designers.  I think it’s in my blood line!  I also love more edgy and contemporary designers, like Richie Rich who had a wonderful show for fashion week last month. He showed some gorgeous timeless dresses in funky fabrics with giant bows.  I loved the look, it was classic and edgy at the same time.


What would people be most surprised knowing about you?

That at the end of a long night of shows, I love to come home, take a bath,  curl up with my dog on the couch watch an old western and crochet.  This is probably not what most people who just left my show would imagine me doing!!!


You like photo shoots and would you love to shoot with Marquis?

I love photo shoots. You can have so much fun with wardrobe, hair and make up. You can totally transform who you are and your look.   I would of course love to shoot with Marquis. 


What are you doing when you are not on stage?

When I’m not working, I love to garden and cook, I love entertaining people at my house.  I also love to play softball, which is kind of polar opposite of my job!  I play on a great team in my neighborhood and there is something so fun about it.  I love to get out there and get dirty.  I particularly like sliding, but I’ve got to be careful about bruising and such, that does not look good from stage!


Who is your favorite model and icon you look up to?

She wasn’t necessarily  a model, but I adore Sophia Loren.  Her photographs and films really inspire me,  there is always passion in her eyes.  She embodied a raw carnality that was balanced with grace and extreme sex appeal.


What would you do if you would not be a burlesque model & performer?

I can’t even imagine. I’ve been doing this since I was 18; it’s hard to imagine doing anything else. If I absolutely had to, I think I would be a seamstress.  If I had nothing but time, I would sit in my sewing room and sew all day long. I adore sewing, it can be so relaxing and there is nothing as gratifying as starting out with a piece of fabric and some thread and ending with a gorgeous garment. 


What is your favorite meal and drink?

If I had to pick my absolute favorite, I would have to say simple is best and I would go with a delicious glass of red wine and spaghetti and meatballs. I could eat Italian food every day and be happy!

And of course for our readers at Marquis Fetish Blog, what are you doing next?


Long term vision, what is Angie doing in 10 years from now?

I couldn’t say. 10 years ago I would have never guessed that I would be where I am now. I can’t guess where I will be in ten years, but I hope it’s as much fun as where I am now.


Interview Erik von Gutenberg, MARQUIS America, ; pictures Amy Sussman, Angies website: