Midori in Issue #6

You know how the classic fans’ defense of Playboy always was “No, I really do read it for the articles!” well with Von Gutenberg #6 we really do present great articles, stories, reporting, text in general (being the editor-in-chief I know of what I speak). I mentioned the talents of M. Christian (as I have plenty before) and his piece in #6 “Breast Plates To Bondage: An Informal Look At Sex In Comic Books and Pulp Magazines” is a great romp through rather recent history that should prompt you to want to look back through some old pulp mags or maybe get out that thin plastic superhero’s cape you have kept in your closet.

Adding to that great text this time out we also have another in our long running series of columns from Midori, this one called “Holy D/s, Batman! Lessons on Dominance & Submission from the Caped Crusader”.  As I have mentioned before issue #6 has a comic theme running through it and Midori’s piece considers all manner of naughtiness from one of our better know comic super stars, stuff I know you had been just thinking yourself.

For those of you who don’t knowand I can’t see how you wouldn’t know-Midori is a writer, speaker, educator based in San Fran-dam-Ciscokid. She has been and we hope will always continue to be a great friend of the Von Gutenberg family and her inclusion in issue #6-as her inclusion in all our issues-really does give our readers the chance to say: “No, I ready do read it for the articles” and not have that be a hollow boast.

Find all things Midori here: http://www.planetmidori.com/

Find issue 6 here: http://vongutenbergcouture.com/

Fetish Art from Ed Mironiuk

edmironiukashleyreneeMARQUIS AMERICA recommends Ed Mironiuk, one of the finest fetish artists out there. Simply beautiful!

Ed Mironiuk entered our world on Dec 11th, 1969 in the improbable setting of Buffalo, NY. His singular and strange nature quickly convinced his parents that one child would be enough, as they never had another. He began drawing in earnest as soon as his tender fingers could grip a pencil and put it to paper. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Frazetta, sci fi and comics consumed his time and encouraged his fetid imagination. By the age of 12 he discovered Alberto Vargas through an inherited collection of musty Playboys, perhaps the only pre-pubescent to truly appreciate pornography on an esoteric level. This early admiration of the female form would serve as the foundation of his later artwork. While normal kids were drawing hotrods and wondering how to get into the girl next door’s pants, Ed was memorializing what was actually IN the girl door’s pants through detailed illustrations.

After a decent run in high school, Ed hightailed it out of Central New York and went straight to his muse – NYC’s East Village. He drank his way through 4 years at Parson’s School of Design and managed to come away with a BFA, despite his predilection for tequila. While Ed toiled away at mundane illustration and animation jobs, he fed his head a steady diet of black metal, Russ Meyer films, HP Lovecraft, latex fashion, ink and piercings of all natures and the absolute vilest sectors of Japanese deviancies. These subcultures stewed in his brain and eventually merged with his love of pinups, forming the basis of his unique brand of art; a hybrid of pop trash and fetish culture kissed by Dr. Moreau himself. In 1993 he was anointed reigning illustrator for Tattoo Magazine, a role he still kicks ass at. Ed’s illustration work has been featured in everything from The LA Times to Equus Eroticus and used for bands as diverse as The Genitorturers and SPiT LiKE THiS. Ed throws all this work into the world from his cocoon in the boondocks of Jersey, where he lives with his loving wife and needy Chihuahuas.

edmironiuksashamonetWebsite: www.edmironiuk.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/edmironiuk
Livejournal: www.edmironiuk.livejournal.com/

Porsche Lynn  “Ed Mironiuk is our generation’s John Wiley, Eric Stanton or Alberto Vargas. He has the most explosive, artistic creative originality on the planet. Ed draws women as a reflection of the Goddess, from Kali to Venus in Furs. I adore his work. His paintings come to life and stir deep feelings, inside all of us. I am honored to have been an inspirational muse for this great artist.
Ed Mironiuk’s art will send shivers up your thighs and visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. This book is a must have for all Pinup art collectors


KumiLenora Claire“Ed Mironiuk has remained one of my favorite artists all of these years because his work some how manages to perfectly capture the subjects personality while injecting both humor and sexuality in his unique hyper-stylized fashion. He also smells nice and wears sparkly shoes.”

Gen from the Genitorturers”When i first saw Ed’s artwork he did for Genitorturers I was completely blown away at his attention to detail. This design became a hugely popular image for the band and remains one of my all time favorite pieces of “Genitorture” artwork!”

Julie www.edmironiuk.comMistress Persephone  “Ed Mironiuk is an artist who understands that a model’s personality should shine through in the details of a portrait. His inspiring talent mixed with his wide range of obscure, sometimes dark interests makes for a dynamic output of work. I feel entirely honored and privileged to have been a part of his artistic process.”


Fetus De Milo/ Brandy Durante “Ed’s saucy little pin-ups provide a refreshing, realistic, look at what pin-up art should be. In the endless sea of modern pin-up artists, his work stands alone. It is the perfect cross between realism and cartoony sass. He proves to us time and time again that true beauty and allure comes in a variety of delicious flavors. It was an honor to model for him.”

Michael Gorman“Ed draws naked chicks, some covered in blood, some half naked in some sort of kinky rubber outfit. He likes eating aborted chickens, duck feet, and grubs. He just got his head tattooed and sorta looks like Anton LaVey. He got married in Disney World to a girl who makes zombie toys and SATAN dolls, and he has worked on some fucked up shit for Sesame Street. So fuck all y’all.”