Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine ‘Break’ Your Internet

Kim_cover_web_1[1]Sometimes it’s a week for high fashion. Sometimes latex couture sneaks in from something we’ve done or through a super hero movie. Occasionally the twain meet and we can all shout out a hearty “See, we told ya so!” And then there are those days when the net is abuzz with salacious news of some celeb or another flaunting their attributes in something sexy. Sometimes that celeb is sans wardrobe (actually, come to think of it, barely does a day go by these days without a story about some celeb recently releasing a naked selfie.) As none of us would doubt, the naked celeb story this week was of Kim Kardashian’s bare oiled butt Paper magazine shot.

In a climate that saw Prince snap his first selfie this week; Heidi Klum posing her bare self for a “Sharper Image” catalogue; Keira Knightley defiantly revealing her bare ‘untouched’ breasts in Interview as a protest against photo-shopping, Kim K’s cover for Paper Magazine and even more revealing shots littered across the net from that shoot (some full frontal) were released this week. The Paper pic of Kim promised to “break the internet,” though the net seemed to survive Kim’s oiled and bare derriere. We even all survived the admission for Paper’s editorial director Mickey Boardman that Kim’s picture was ‘retouched’…say it isn’t so!

French photographer Jean-Paul Goude and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic managed these photos of the famous reality star. But in an attempt of ‘imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery’ ex-T.V. talk-show host Chelsea Handler took a mirror selfie of her own bare butt a couple days after Kim’s reveal…sans oil, pro lighting and retouching.

How this all betters our lives or if indeed if any of this falls into the wide category of ‘fashion’ who knows. But it is certainly fashion-able for celebrities to show themselves and it seems, as much as themselves that they can these days.

If you feel like showing yourself, in fine latex outfits, to like-minded partiers, might you get yourself over to two Von Gutenberg events: and the Kim_cover_web_2[1]



To Be Beyoncé For A Day

There’s no mistaking the connection between fashion and pop-ular music. It’s been there from the days of Elvis’ first gyrations to Carnaby-street frockery in mid-60’s London, to the glam styles of Bowie and his ilk in the 70’s, Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson a decade later and right up to now with those new pics of indie rocker Christopher Owens taken by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent Paris.

No one will ever accuse super popular songstress Beyoncé of not styling every second of her day, but when the lady and Jay-Z-and their new baby Blue Ivey-were all spotted recently on her vacation, as well as her b’day celebration, wouldn’t you know magazines not only reported the sightings and showed the pics, but to be sure we found out right quick about the lady’s cute little shorts outfit (along with a $500 dollar Jil Sander Varsity Lettered Sweater) and then her Gucci Oshibana Print Gathered Pants and ultra-cool Ray Bans.

Sure the Beyoncé’s, Madonna’s, Lenny Kravitz’s of this world (even pop/rock stars seemingly not so concerned with fashion like Bruce Springsteen) are aware that when they step out in public they invite scrutiny as well as paparazzi. As my dear old dad is fond of opining, being in the public eye is part of a celebrity’s job, I just wonder who is ultra aware of what they are wearing and who just dresses super cool because they can afford to and like the clothes?

Or is it in Beyonce’’s case a matter of all these factors together?

Either way, we like watching our hippest, handsomest, most talented (or at least most popular) act as human clothes racks for us. It gives us a chance to dream, ‘what if I was in their place’ and a perfect opportunity for new fashions to get a good public airing.