2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


The first of 2014’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in NYC officially kicked-off in grand old style this week. Running from 2/6-2/13 the bi-annual run-thru of upcoming fashions is centered (as it has been many a year now) in “the tents” set-up at Lincoln Center, but there’s also shows off site (Alexander Wang is at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for example).

Of course even the layman will have heard of the fashion houses coming to Manhattan to show; Nicole Miller, Carolina Herrera, Naeem Khan (and many more) but this year there is a notable exception in Rachel Zoe cancelling her show due to too many other commitments and that fact that her new son is simply too young to travel to the Big Apple …just yet.

This Fashion Week is supposedly full with a grand diversity in models; a wide variety of ethnicities are said to be represented in the women who walk the runways as well as there being a goodly amount of plus-sized ladies among the throng.

Beyond this evolved ethos though, the designers, as usual, were out to out do one another.

Betsey Johnson models twirled, those infamous twin designers The Blonds had their models sporting perfectly round gold beehives and one dressed as Tweety Bird and another an astronaut. Ralph Lauren had ladies wearing sunglasses; Thom Browne seemed to have plucked models from the cast of The Walking Dead and Kate Spade’s Spring/Summer line revealed models in striking ‘retro’ winged eyeliner.

And this was all just in the first week.

While cities like Milan, Paris and London battle for supremacy in world culture very few can argue that New York City is the mega for all things hip and this bi-yearly Fashion Week certainly makes for lots of news in magazine and websites across the world. There is another week to go and surprises are sure to pop up, celebs will be posing for paparazzi and all manner of fashionistas and fans will be making predictions. For now we simply wanted to give you a taste of what’s been going on.

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The Fashion of The Grammys


There were French robots (dressed in both black and white), Miss Bey sporting a see-thru white lacey Michael Costello (not to mention the super fetish look she sported on the show’s opening song), Madonna in a Ralph Lauren suit (but why the cane?) sporting a gold “grillz” on her upper teeth (huh?) and Pharrell Williams’ hat taking up all manner of vertical space, plus all the usual wackiness in fashion as well as music at The Grammys this past Sunday.

You have to love these award shows as much for the red carpet walk-in taking place hours before the actual show as for what happens during the broadcast of award giving-outting and mash-up music performances (this year saw Robin Thicke attempt to sing his way with Chicago as much as Metallic playing with the Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang).

But really, can anyone of us keep our eyes off of what these people are wearing?


Sure, it’s great to see The Beatles get their due…as many times as they do (certainly not enough by Grammy’s standards) and there were some very interesting staged moments to accompany pop hits we’ve all heard too many times already this year, but if the post wrap-up from T.V. talking heads or Monday morning quarterback fashion couture reviewers is any indication, really what our brightest and best are wearing is most important in the end.

Not they need our congrats, but we do salute the men and women of music this year (as well as others) as Von Gutenberg salutes any creative pursuit, be it new designs in latex catsuits, some super cool new tattoo Megan Massacre is inking on someone (see her as our cover girl in issue #8, available here: Apple Android Kindle ) any other pursuit our friends-readers-supporters get up into.

The fashion makes the music or the other way round? Does it matter?