Reverend B. Dangerous Freakshow Sept. 25 supperclub SF

Erik von Gutenberg is proud to announce the Reverand who will perform at the Von Gutenberg Fetish Ball sept. 25 during the Bondage Dinner starting at 7PM!

After Burning Man the FOLSOM street fair is THE event to go to and the city will be filled with an extraordinary crowd for over a week and Saturday and Sunday are the highlights of Folsom. Saturday Night Von Gutenberg Fetish Ball and Sunday the Street Fair and the Deviants party!

This is the Reverend B. Dangerous Freakshow. This show was started with one belief that a freakshow is a show of fact
and reality-not a show of illusions. In a world were the eye is fooled by angels and just plain bland carpet baggers. The
Reverend gives breathe back into a historical form of entertainment. He does not believe in illusions and the pain on his
face will convince you.

The Reverend was born in the deep southern trenches of North Carolina. Shaped by the sermons of snake handling preachers
and the ramblings of rednecks. In a world were men were men and sheep were scared. He had no choice but to invent his
 own form of entertainment,Some even say his own form of reality. It is the gospel of the Church of Freaks he preaches
 and proselytizes from the stage,his pulpit.

The Reverend has stunned and amazed crowds around the world. Even wielding the power to calm the possessed crowds
of Ozzfest. Using only his hammer, nail, and his skull.The show he puts on is one that will stay with you for the rest
of your days. So come on in be a part of the show. See what can’t be believed. Witness the rush of seeing things for real. Be exorcised from the steriale and predictable world that popular media has damned you to. Come and see a
show that will amuse you,revolt you,and most importantly entertain you!

Von Gutenberg Folsom Fetish Ball
Saturday Sept. 25
Supperclub, 657 harrison street, San Francisco, CA
Time: 7pm Bondage Dinner, 9pm General Admission

Bondage Dinner with Master of Ceremonies KINGFISH of local hubba hubba! The Reverand B. Dangerous Freakshow, Mike West suspension performances, Mina de Sade Latex Burlesque and West Coast leather Fashion Show and much more …