Ink On The Wrist


Surely if you take a gander across our cover girl of issue number 8, Megan Massacre or flip through the pages of the issue, you are going to see lots of tattooed female flesh. And being a latex couture magazine we are we as much champion whatever one wears on their skin, permanent or not, clothes, piercings or ink, but in the world of celebrity you often find a sprinkle here, a dash there, not so much brazen attempts as Megan sports (being in the tattoo business as she is). And you often find celeb tats in some interesting places (no, not there! Get you mind out of the gutter, naughty birdy!)

I am thinking of wrists.

Lea Michele has I Believe in a pretty teal; Katy Perry sports J.C.’s first name (her parents are pastors if you recall) and Kelly Clarkson went religious as well with a cross and then the words “Love them more”…all these are adorn the celeb’s wrists. Sure we are seeing words scrawled down the inside of arms or near a side boob and God knows who is sporting what we don’t see (at least we don’t see all that often) little symbols and quotes on one’s wrists seem appropriate for the celebrity set these days for sure. And let’s not forget the guys. Ryan Reynolds sports a few tats, but the one on the underside of his wrist “Know Thyself” fits with the above; Shia LaBeouf sports some numbers and somehow- celeb Brody Jenners got ink there too.

Inked or not check-out issue number eight of Von Gutenberg via the links below and before you go a’ inking always give it a good long consideration…no matter where on your body you are thinking of adding ink, wrist or anywhere else.

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Summer Movies, Fetish Fashion?

With the usual glut of summer movies upon us I have a tendency to not only look at movie trailers and advertisements, but what might tickle my fetish fashion interests as well. God knows Johnny Depp looks as cool as ever in his pirate garb in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and while his lace, scarves and boots are eye-catching, it’s not anything that I would ever consider fetish fashion. If you recall Tron from December and Von Gutenburg #4 built around the theme, I found that movie had more of its share of tight shiny outfits that fit our aesthetic. This summer we might have to mine a little further afield to find outfits or looks that could even be considered even on the edge of kinky.

X-Men: First Class is probably our best bet for skin-tight shiny suits. As with Tron sci-fi/comic book movies often answer our ache for good fetish fashion and this movie, which concerns the early days of the famous mutants, looks like it will deliver for us fetish fashion fans. Green Lantern is another of this summer’s comic book offerings and though the suit Ryan Reynolds wears as the superhero is kind of neat (and green) I’m not sure were going to get a lot of variety here; at least with X-Men there are a bunch of mutants so we can hope for a variation-slight though it might be-on the costumes.
We’ll be seeing the last of ole Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, a movie always good for some long dark robes and a ripped taffeta dress or two and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, good for all of us into metal-on-metal.

God knows here at VG we personally have enough clothes to keep us happy-have a look around in our store, you might just find something to your liking-so I don’t really have to rely on the movies. But it is nice from time to time to be entertained by a film as much as be tickled by the outfits the characters wear.