Salvatore Ferragamo: Shoemaker to the Stars

imgresAs you well know by glancing across this blog, perusing our Fantasy Event List, opening up our new issue #8 (get it for your Apple devices:, for Android: or for Amazon Kindle: Von Gutenberg is ever involved in and championing a global expression of fashion, whether through latex couture, accessories, shoes…even make-up. We are all about what’s called ‘mode’ in German, ‘moda’ in Italian and ‘fashion’ in the U.S. from a global perspective.

This is why I do my best to write about and sometimes expose as many designers, new or seasoned, well known or not, from everyplace across the world. No matter what those designers or one-man (woman) shops are making we delight in bringing a whole bunch of stuff to light, even if it has been lit many times before.

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of those design names you might have seen before.

One of the first designers made famous for designing for the famous Salvatore Ferragamo learned of his talent at age nine when making a pair of shoes for his sisters’ confirmation (he was one of fourteen children). Salvatore went on to study shoe making in Naples then actually opened a small store at his parent’s home in Bonito. In 1914 he came to America, worked with his brothers in a cowboy boot factory in Boston then quickly convinced them to move west with him…thus beginning an illustrious career of ‘made-to-measure’ shoes and Ferragamo becoming “The Shoemaker To The Stars” (at least the earliest one) of silent era in Hollywood.


Not satisfied with this success Ferragamo moved back to Italy, set up his shop in Florence, developed such innovations as the ‘cage heel’ and made shoes for some of the world’s most notable women like Eva Peron and Marilyn Monroe… to name just two (today stars like Eva Longoria and Zoë Deschanel wear them)  These days you’ll see the name Ferragamo on a whole slew of items from bags, silks, perfumes and ready-to-wear clothing and continuing the company/family’s connection to Hollywood Salvatore Ferragamo sponsored the Inaugural Gala and festivities at the newly opened Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in L.A.

A full circle of near a century of Ferragamo influence and one we feel needed to be celebrated.

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