Hubba Hubba Revue Burlesque with Von Gutenberg Magazine

Von Gutenberg Magazine is proud to announce the partnership with Hubba Hubba Revue for the Friday Night Burlessque & Fetish Night at the VON GUTENBERG FETISH WEEKEND March 11, 12 and 13 in San Francisco. Hubba Hubba first and than top Burlesque Star Ava Garter will be in the DNA lounge March 12, start 9pm!

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San Francisco’s Hubba Hubba Revue has been a mainstay of Bay Area entertainment –and the premiere burlesque & variety show- for over 3 years. Performing monthly at DNA Lounge –and weekly, Monday nights, at Oakland’s Uptown Club– every Hubba Hubba Revue is an unforgettable combination of irreverent comedy, top-notch talent, and of course a generous helping of classic striptease.

Voted “Best Burlesque Revue” in the Best of San Francisco 2009 by SFWeekly.

“Pasties, booze, and pretty girls thumbing their noses at propriety? Sounds like a party to us. For more than three years, the Hubba Hubba Revue has been upstaging more coquettish burlesque acts with a tasty goulash of live bands, classic striptease, vaudeville high-jinks, and Weimar era–esque cabaret acts.” – SFWEEKLY


This gorgeous trio of dancers combines cabaret-inspired theatrics with bellydance, vaudeville, and themes that range from the comedic to the sultry & sinister. Always sexy, always alluring, the three ladies of Sister Kate never fail to shimmy their way into their audiences’ hearts.

Sister Kate also produce their own show, “Baxtalo Drom — The Lucky Road” monthly at the Amnesia Bar in San Francisco.


Originally from Atlanta, GA, Flame Cynders is a rare & beguiling beauty who’s work focuses primarily on the classic era of burlesque. From feathers to glitter to everything in between, Flame is a practioner of the Art of Striptease.


“Tho’ She Be Little, She Be Fierce,” –so goes the motto of San Francisco burlesque performer, Mynx d’Meanor. Mynx has been delighting audiences with her unique and always delectable performances for over 3 years now –both here in SF, and in San Diego, where she produced her own shows, “Fishnet Follies,” and “Comic Strip.”


Already a burlesque star in her own right when she moved to San Francisco from Detroit in 2006, Sparkly Devil joined up with Hubba Hubba Revue and it’s been a match made in striptease-heaven ever since.

With a range that includes everything from superb comic timing to dramatic performance to combinging feather-fans with gangsta rap, Sparkly Devil is one of the most dynamic performers in the burlesque community.


A compatriot of Sparkly Devil’s from her Detroit days (where the two of them were members of the troupe, “Causing A Scene”) Twinkletoes only recently moved to San Francisco –but he’s already taken the town by storm.

An amazing and classically-trained dancer, Twinkletoes raises the bar for talent on-stage, all while maintaining a not-so-hidden wink at the audience.


A member of Hubba Hubba Revue from almost it’s very first day, Your Little Chernobyl is a lithe, captivating performer who combines superb burlesque with ariels –on ropes, hoops, silks and more– to create fascinating visual artistry you won’t soon forget.


A native of the great city of New Orleans, Madam Chartreuse is a statuesque beauty with the sultry voice of a riverboat-belle… and a pair of full-sized leather bullwhips that she knows how to use.  Once she casts her voodoo spell, no audience ever forgets a night with Madam Chartreuse.  


People who know better refer to Kingfish as Jim Sweeney, a long-time San Francisco show-producer and entertainer who has been co-creator and M.C. to such Bay Area extravaganzas as “Spectacular! Spectacular!” and “Creepshow Peepshow.”

With fellow Bay Area MC, Eddie Dane, Kingfish started Hubba Hubba Revue in 2006, and the show has since become a major element of the Bay Area entertainment scene.