Power Exchange Las Vegas Scene Report

marlayna-power-exchange-las-vegas-i-love-itMARQUIS AMERICA recommends the Power Exchange club in Las Vegas, report  from our wonderful Marlayna Lacie.

My think machine is going through the folders and files and I am remembering that maybe there were two or three trannies, two G-G’s who did us up with strap-ons and a way so kinky and fun guy. (HELLO)!!!

 At the end of the night I walking like a duck as I was looking for my panties. When the one gent who WAS there was leaving he reminded me that his name was Mike Powers.   Oh, we ,Oh we O!

So I can say to you, I KNOW MIKE POWERS! Say no more other than again that is impossible for me. Now when Shavonna and I went to an open-house at Mike’s new play palace I had no idea what to expect.  

Dear readers, words can not describe just how amazing the new two-story PELV is. Photos can give you a good idea but you really have to walk, prance or be led in and through on a leash to really appreciate what Mike, his family and  kinked-out staff have, accomplished.

marlayna-shavonna-and-michelle-on-the-scene-the-power-exchange-in-sin-cityThe new venue features a ‘couples only’ area, numerous themed playrooms, strategically placed voyeur locations, lounge area, stripper poles, video lounges, an adult boutique and so much more!

Opening night was the same night as the AVN Ultimate After Party at the Venetia Hotel and I would be remiss if I do not mention that the photo of Shavonna Starr doing a show and tell for TRANSFORMATION magazine on my first BLOG posting was taken by world renowned fetish lens-man Tommy O!

OK,  back to it! At the grand opening it was SRO and every time I tried to get a photo-op with Mike he was the ‘rock star’ with VIP guests, admirers and staff at his heels.

  As you know, we live and mark our lives by time!  When Shavonna told me that the limo driver  who was calling her one on her cell phone because he was outside ready to transport us over to the XXX party. I made a point to tell Mike and his vivacious and charming MomZ Joyce that I would be in touch.

Since then I have been going to the PELV just about every other week because it is now tranny central in Sin City. The premier place to be seen when you are on the scene.