Mistress Sinclaire, Pin Up and Burlesque Model

tlep_1655-eMARQUIS AMERICA recommends Mistress Sienna Sinclaire! Her next radio performance where you are able to listen to her is at Playboy radio at 2/20/2009 at “Night Calls” to ask her anything starting at 4:30pm PST! She is an amazing person and well know in the fetish scene. She hast multiple talents and she is not focusing only at Domination, but does Pin Up Modeling, Burlesque performances and you need to check out her school of pain!

Meet Mistress Sinclaire. She’s based in Los Angeles but keeps herself busy by traveling the world. When she’s not attending fetish parties, balls, or events around the world with one of her many slaves, she’s resting up at home for her next event.

Mistress Sinclaire came into the fetish scene over a year ago. Tired of the same old fashion photo shoots, she wanted to try out something new and naughtier. She has always been a born dominatrix, with a take charge attitude.

Let Mistress Sinclaire tease and tantalize you in her members section where you will find photo sets of her in her best latex along with her slaves. You can also view her most naughtiest videos only seen in her members section and no where else on the web.

latex-red_7750-eMistress Sinclaire isn’t just a pretty face, she’s very intelligent and in touch with her sexuality. When not modeling or making videos for her website, she writes topics covering fetish sex which you can only find in her members section, School of Pain. Known as a sex “expert” with lots of hands on experience. Mistress Sinclaire keeps abreast on sexual topics and relationships by attending seminars throughout the world along with educating herself in all areas of sex and relationships.

Join Mistress Sinclaire by registering for classes in her School of Pain. There she will help you to tap into your inner Dom and/or sub, explore your sexuality by discovering your fetishes, how to talk to your partner about your different fetishes and so much more.

You will also find Mistress Sinclaire in the burlesque scene as she performs around the world performing her fetish acts while slowly peeling off her lubed latex or corset to reveal her amazing body. Want to see Mistress Sinclaire in person? Then visit one of her burlesque performances by going to her Burlesque section to see when she will be performing next.

Here is her amazing website: http://www.siennasinclaire.com/