‘Granny’ Panties Anyone?

And here I have been on about this for years (read here).


Market research company NPD reports that women’s ‘high-cut brief’ sales have doubled in the past couple of years. There has been a spike in retro unmentionable sales, stuff that typically covers more ‘area’ sports a higher waistline and is generally considered more comfortable to the women wearing it: the dreaded ‘Granny’ Panties.

Certainly of late female celeb style setters have been setting a higher-waisted fuller pantied standard; though not the first lady singer to sport lingerie during a performance Miley Cyrus has been wearing fuller panties and longer shorts on stage or on the town of late; Taylor Swift has been seen in a retro, high-waisted bikini all summer; actresses like Amanda Seyfried and Sofia Vergara have shown-up on recent magazine covers in fuller ‘hot pants’.



And if you doubt retro is all the rage, just take a look around!

Has Spanx added to the trend, prompting a younger generation into considering the benefits of girdles of old? Is it simply that with the truly ultra sickly skinny look kind of on the outs the market place is catering ever more to a everyday ‘figured’ gal who might want a little something to smooth out a tummy?

In the end though it might just come down to comfort over trend. I have often queried of my buddies (at least those as old as I) when the high cut panty was replaced by the thong or booty shorts (ah, what a year that was!) but none of us can rightly recall. But now I wonder if we might all remember 2013 as the year ‘Granny’ Panties made a comeback.