Fashion Doings Round The Globe: Anna Chapman Fashions, Lady Gaga Wears Versace & Meggings & Spanx


From time to time I like to take a spin round the net to find some interesting fashion stories for a compilation-like V.G. blog. Not all are high-end couture tidbits to be sure, in the pieces below I don’t even get into latex, tattoos or fetish, but what follows is fun or interesting to be sure, a nice palate cleanser to what I usually report on.

A Spy For Fashion

You might remember the story of Anna Chapman. The sleeper spy agent was deported back to her home country of Russia in 2010, and now post the hoopla surrounding that return she has released a new clothing line. With long print dresses and handbags, the lady has reemerged as a spy with an eye for fashion.

Claiming her inspiration comes from the Tsarist period of her mother country, Chapman promised in an interview with the Guardian that her styles are “part old Russian, part modern.” You can see if the lady accomplished this here at her website:

Gaga’s Got The Goods

On the Atelier Versace catwalk this past weekend all eyes were on the Versace crystal mesh hood with white fluffy coat one of the models was wearing. It seems none other than lady Gaga was given permission by her bestie Donatella Versace to wear the prized item post the Versace dinner.

It certainly pays for a LittleMonsters to have friends in high places.

Meggings and Spanx

Not that I am all that sure how to comment on these “Meggings” I thought I’d include a bit about a fashion trend that has been showing up in runway shows like Givenchy of late only because they remind me of Spanx and just this week there were big net reveals about how Spanx could be crushing organs while seemingly making ladies thinner.


Believe it or not Huffington Post reported here: that Spanx Shapewear might not be doing one all that good on the inside as they seemingly keep things nice and smooth on the outside.

Maybe if Spanx make wearers lean to the left H.P. would like them more?

That’s the quick news with a spin round the globe, for news of a direct more Von Gutenberg nature, check out of issue #8 with Megan Massacare on the cover. Here in the Apple format, for Android, for Kindle or good old print.


Get Spanx

Ok, is it just me or could a case be made for the sexual feel and or desire for Spanx®? Yes I know Sara Blakely’s invention of controlling half-girdle, half-legging, all bulge-holderbackers are all the rage with women (and some men) and the body-shaping/constricting innovation are tighter than most of the kinky wear you wear. Hot and sweaty, pretty much what Sarah Hepola described in her recent Saloon blog (found here as  being “suffocated by beige elastic” for those of us bent to favor the warm and restrictive, even the unflattering, Spanx might just be another addition for those stepping-out to the latest kink event.

Let’s face it, and as I often opine in these ‘pages’, just about any article of clothing, material or even the most functional of outfits can double, often time inform a kink for a certain portion of the population where other portions think those clothes uncomfortable or at the very least simply stuff they need to wear to get by. Who’d known that those old 40’s and 50’s lingerie pieces, like a rubber girdle or a simple slip could do it for some people, or gloves stretching to the crease in a lady’s elbow would do it for others? Hey, I look terrible in the classic ‘wife beater’ tee, but for some men and women who prefer their men more Brando cool; why not?

I know more or less what’s going to do it for me and some people will call me crazy for the specifics of what I need to chooch-my-trolley. But I’m not about to judge what little things get you off or have a care to find out why they do. If it’s Spanx or if it is bobby socks and little shiny Mary Jane pumps, corduroy in summer or the taste of leather-only balls gags, whatever makes your marquis kink kinky have a good time exploring…if it’s Spanx, find them here:|pcrid|22434724796|spanx

Hey, drop us a line if you have a thang for a particular material or article of clothing that, like Spanx, wouldn’t normally make the kink list.

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