Artist Tal Peleg Creates Eyelid Art

soundofmusic__by_scarlet_moon1-d7e04d9I have often heard tattoo artists opine how they see the body as a canvas. Coming in close contact with Megan Massacre for our issue #8 as I did, I could indeed see that axiom proved again and again. Megan not only sported quite the canvas of super cool tats but as a tattoo artist herself she regaled me with her vision of how she saw her art…and the surface she paints on. But ‘painting’ on one’s skin does not have to be permanent and not relegated to the ‘usual’ places we’re coming accustomed to. Artist Tal Peleg creates eyelid art that simply is too unique to ignore, all in a very ‘unusual’ area of the body to paint on.

From an iconic image from “The Sound Of Music” rendered across a subjects eyelid, or colorful harlequin-like tears trickling down the cheekbones of someone else, the Israeli artist Peleg, who goes by the nickname Scarlet Moon truly uses the smallest areas-canvas-to complete her masterpieces.

Using eye shadow and eyeliner, Peleg as much uses her talent for painting and drawing as she does the alternate contours we all have in the areas around our eyes.

In the case of what Tal Peleg manages not only is the old axiom ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ as evident, but truly the eyes ‘have it’, in a manner of speaking. Whether these eyelid art Peleg designs will catch-on (they already have their own Pinterest Page) and if that isn’t success I don’t know what is!) they certainly provide a fashion created with make-up not so often seen.

Who is to say what is and what isn’t art, as much as who can say what is or not fashionable. Tal Peleg certainly has something to contribute and as we always do at Von Gutenberg, we celebrate another artist’s unique approach.

See Tal Peleg’s Facebook page, here.

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