Von Gutenberg Recommends: 1000 Tattoos by Taschen

search The new 1000 Tattoos by Taschen is a chock-full little hardcover. Not only are we treated to some amazing pictures of tattoos (and the people sporting them) but in usual inimitable Taschen style we get plenty of text about the history of ‘wearable art’. 19th century engravings and tribal body art are on display here. Classic biker designs and colorful famous circus ladies are revealed. There are designs featured from Japan and other ports-of-call of sailors. And the book includes modern day examples of folks who live what used to be an alternative lifestyle either by being tattooed or working in the field…or both.

As you will recall, Von Gutenberg issue # 8 is tattoo themed. We feature TLC “New York Ink” TV star Megan Massacre on our cover (and in a stunning pictorial between our pages.) We also featured model Soma Snakeoil (among other ladies in that issue) a provocative woman who sports quite some interesting ink herself. We have art and photo essays in number eight revealing lots of tatted skin and even a “Best of Celebrity” tats essay. Really, we are no strangers to the tattoo lifestyle sensibility. And of course as latex devotes we find a kinship to any subculture that defines itself by a specific mark, clothing or interest. This is why issue number eight is tattoo themed and why this new Taschen book thrills us so.

Taschen books also thrill us simply because we know well the consistent quality of the house. This provocative publisher with its many stores throughout the world (in cities like London, New York and Berlin to name a few) continues to publish books of high art and design. They also hit on the avant-garde and sneak in lots of sex in their hardcovers. Known as much for their tomes like “The Big Book of Breasts” and Liz Earl’s self-researched ‘Cougar” status, Taschen also publishes books on architecture, The Beatles, big coffee-table hardcovers on specific cities, movies and comics…and this tattoo book. The visual-no matter the subject-married with an always informed background on the subject (presented in 3 languages in each book) is what makes a Taschen book what it is.

Grab yourself a copy of 1000 Tattoos and even Von Gutenberg issue 8 and have at tats!

Grab yourself a copy of our issue #8:

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Taschen: True Crime Detective Magazines 1924-1969


It might seem odd to review books on this blog not directly about fashion or latex, but as was the case previously here once again is a wonderful book from Taschen, the publisher/bookstore, that releases such lush visual tomes, and sometimes of very sexy subjects,

The True Crime Detective Magazines 1924-1969 soft cover (but a big thick soft cover it is) written mainly by Eric Godtland  gives a historic succulent overview of ‘true’ crime writing in American magazine publications, Taschen editor Dian Hanson peppers in her observations in relationship to exactly how these magazines related sexual desires of their readers. Included is even Marc Gerald’s “I Was A True Detective Editor” piece, a ‘confessional’ of a gem about the man’s editing “True Detective” magazine near the end of this genre’s run in the 80s.

As is the case with most Taschen books, being the international company they are all text is translated into English, French and German.

But it is in the reproductions of these magazines covers where Taschen once again creates art, and art of a fashion and even about fashion in some instances, that elevates titles like “Smash Detective Cases,” “Startling Detective,” “True Gang Life,” and “True Cases of Women in Crime” and the marquis of these books “True Detective” to something worthy of a mention here. Damsels in distress in tight long skirts, nasty mistresses dressed all in black (some smoking no less!) all manner of cleavage-baring shirts, sweaters skewed off a creamy shoulder, plenty of b’gartered thigh on display and God know enough women bound to chairs to make any B&D kinkster thrilled, as Godtland and Hanson observe these magazines roll from artist rendered front covers to posed pics somewhere in the 50’s, creating lurid wonderful covers that are, in their own, masterpieces of American pop.

See the new Taschen: True Crime Detective Magazines 1924-1969 here: http://www.amazon.com/Detective-Magazines-Midi-German-Godtland/dp/382282559X and see all the equally artful Von Gutenberg magazines offered digitally here :http://vongutenberg.com/e-magazine/

Fashion Designers A-Z

Here at Von Gutenberg not only do we cherish our long lasting relationships with the designers, models, photographers and text contributors to our magazine (and of course with you our reader who makes all we do possible) but with publishers who seem to consistently present provocative tomes about fashion, startling expose’ of photographers, bios about craftsmen and ruminations on pop culture.

One such publisher is our good friend Taschen.

Their latest, Fashion Designers A-Z, is a series illuminating “a century’s worth of fashion greats from the permanent collection of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology” (see here: http://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/upcoming_titles/index.1.htm) with such notables as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Coco Chanel (to name few) considered by not just pictures of their work but copy provided by Valerie Steel (chief curator of the museum) and Suzy Menkes.

As with all the other incredibly neat stuff Taschen puts out and how we here at V.G. have always viewed what we do, the actual book is itself a ‘work of art’ and as such Taschen is releasing Fashion Designers A-Z in a series of six Designer Editions, each one bound in a fabric created by specific designers-Akris, Etro, Stella McCartney, Missoni, Prada, and Diane von Furstenberg—encased in a Plexiglas box, hand crafted and at Italian bindery and stamped with its unique number (there will be a total 11,000 copy run of the book).

I hope it has always been consistent that here at V.G. we relish the interplay from, champion the good works of and live to see what our contemporaries are producing. We feel less competition and more a constant need to present excellence in what we do when we see publishers like Taschen producing what they do and how well they do it. This is why we are proud to turn you on to what we find, from these great Taschen books to mostly anything else, as we are just as open (and certainly now more so then ever via our digital portal) to learn about what you find out there in the wonderful wide fashion, latex, lifestyle, ether we might not know about.

Fashion’s Night Out with Taschen

So, what’s doing in the world of fashion you ask? God, don’t I keep you up-to-date as it is, writing about the Curve expo, NYC’s fashion week, etc?

Ok, ok, you want more, well here ya go.

Our good friends at Taschen, internationally known publisher of high-end art books and photo collages are holding a Fashion’s Night Out tonight at their NYC city store, from 7 to 9pm. Located at 107 Greene Street, this amazing store in the heart of vibrant Greenwich Village will host a get together for anyone interested in fashion and the curated libraries of Dana Lorenz, Valerie Steele, Jeremry Scott and a whole bunch more. As the press for the event states: “Peruse New York fashion favorites while enjoying hot and cold brews provided by Stumptown Coffee Roasters and confectionary provided by Eleni’s New York.”

To ensure admittance please RSVP to store-ny(at)taschen.com or call 212.226.2212

I have been to plenty a party at this Taschen store, have interviewed a bunch of Taschen authors and photographers and know the staff well, they are all a friendly bunch, as interested in publishing one-of-a-kind books as they are in hanging-out and getting friendly. Really you couldn’t do better then getting your tuckus down to the village this evening for this one-of-a-kind fashion event. 

New From Our Friends

Got some news from our friends I wanted to impart to you all…

Check out this casting call that was posted on friends at YNOT about our friends Kink.com: http://www.ynot.com/content/118044-casting-call-seeks-closet-kinksters.html. It seems that gay male kinsters can get in on that hot action Kink.com delivers so well, just hit the above link and have a look see.

Our good friend BBW porn star/social media guru/all-around cutie pie Kelly Shibari is the first girl of her ‘stature’ to be given the honor of being a Fleshlight model. See all the specifics here:  http://fleshlight.com/kellyshibari . Kelly just returned from her stint at the yearly BBWFanFest in Las Vegas which we heard was quite the marquis kink event for big ladies and those of us who love them.

Our friends over at Taschen (yes here at Von Gutenberg we have lots of friends) have recently released both their Big Book of Breasts and their Big Book of Penis in smaller soft cover sizes…presenting their subjects in no less impressiveness and with some stuff in these cheaper smaller books that wasn’t in the org versions.



And lastly, here at Von Gutenberg we are working hard to present you with our own wares, those unique items you can only get here http://www.vongutenberg.com/shop which will be on sale very soon in a new and improved way. I will of course keep you posted with a rundown of just what we have and how to get your hands on our items. We’re very excited about the new influx and how we will present it, so stay tuned.

I hope you’re having a great summer and that you might have time to check in with our friends above and/or check our links below.

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Fantasy Captures With Liz Earls

So, it was another trip down to Taschen at down 107 Greene St. I have said it before; Taschen is the book store to beat when it comes to beautiful photography books. Even though they are known for their erotic photo-essays, the store has some resplendent titles dealing with everything from architecture to fashion to filmmakers to comics.

This day Erik our CEO (quite well dressed for the occasion I might add) and I got to spend some time with photographer and author Liz Earls over her book Days of The Cougar, The Outrageous Visual Diary of A Sexual Adventurer and editor/writer, to this book and a bulk of Taschen releases Dian Hanson. Liz, dressed in a simple black dress, low on the cleavage, high on the leg (not that I noticed) was one of the most gracious people I have yet to meet and Dian Hanson just as attractive in her little black number and a font of information about the publishing world.

You can tell Liz’s love for her subject by the smoking “fantasy captures” that the book is made of and by how passionately the lady spoke about traveling the world to chronicle the procuring of younger men….this is one lady who truly loves the work she does. As Liz happily informed me: “Younger guys are very self-confident these days. They have been exposed to the Internet much more than anyone. One guy I said, my God how did you learn that? I was so impressed!”

As I have mentioned before when hitting these kind of outings, hanging in a cool location, sipping a nice cocktail (gratis by the way) and meeting people so passionate about adult material like Liz and Dian, plus being treated like gold by Taschen’s public relations manager Creed Poulson just makes us feel we are on the right track here at Von Gutenberg. We always suspected at this magazine that there is a great big wide world out there aching to be teased, titillated and stimulated and that the life0stylers of the population want high-end stuff just as much as they want gonzo porn. It’s actually the credo of Von Gutenberg that for every possible lifestyle choice you make or fetish you might court, whether you’re wearing a simple little black number like Liz or Dian, a naughty piece of latex (look here for a good cross-section of them( http://www.vongutenbergcouture.com/) or even a man wearing a pair of women’s panties under your three-piece power suit, you fit in to the overall mix of people in this world and there is a community out here for you.

Once again it was a good time for Von Gutenberg, Erik and I at Taschen and we thank Creed Poulson, Liz   and Dian for spending time with us and making us feel so right at home.

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her book at Taschen:


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