Von Gutenberg Recommends: 1000 Tattoos by Taschen

search The new 1000 Tattoos by Taschen is a chock-full little hardcover. Not only are we treated to some amazing pictures of tattoos (and the people sporting them) but in usual inimitable Taschen style we get plenty of text about the history of ‘wearable art’. 19th century engravings and tribal body art are on display here. Classic biker designs and colorful famous circus ladies are revealed. There are designs featured from Japan and other ports-of-call of sailors. And the book includes modern day examples of folks who live what used to be an alternative lifestyle either by being tattooed or working in the field…or both.

As you will recall, Von Gutenberg issue # 8 is tattoo themed. We feature TLC “New York Ink” TV star Megan Massacre on our cover (and in a stunning pictorial between our pages.) We also featured model Soma Snakeoil (among other ladies in that issue) a provocative woman who sports quite some interesting ink herself. We have art and photo essays in number eight revealing lots of tatted skin and even a “Best of Celebrity” tats essay. Really, we are no strangers to the tattoo lifestyle sensibility. And of course as latex devotes we find a kinship to any subculture that defines itself by a specific mark, clothing or interest. This is why issue number eight is tattoo themed and why this new Taschen book thrills us so.

Taschen books also thrill us simply because we know well the consistent quality of the house. This provocative publisher with its many stores throughout the world (in cities like London, New York and Berlin to name a few) continues to publish books of high art and design. They also hit on the avant-garde and sneak in lots of sex in their hardcovers. Known as much for their tomes like “The Big Book of Breasts” and Liz Earl’s self-researched ‘Cougar” status, Taschen also publishes books on architecture, The Beatles, big coffee-table hardcovers on specific cities, movies and comics…and this tattoo book. The visual-no matter the subject-married with an always informed background on the subject (presented in 3 languages in each book) is what makes a Taschen book what it is.

Grab yourself a copy of 1000 Tattoos and even Von Gutenberg issue 8 and have at tats!

Grab yourself a copy of our issue #8:

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First-Ever Tattoos Exhibition to Feature at 2014 BIG Industry Show and U.S. Cannabis Cup

imgresAmericans spent a staggering $1.65 billion on tattoos every year. Add to this fact that 2014 saw (and continues to see) maruianna legalization at the forefront of U.S. news. It stands to reason then that a tattoo exhibition occurring during the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup 2014 in Denver, Colorado (4/16-4/20) is the perfect timely marriage.

If you have feasted your eyes over Von Gutenberg issue number 8, you have caught TLC tattoo TV star Megan Massacre on our candy pink cover. We feel it’s our duty then to hip you all to the above tattoo happening at such a cool event. We are proud to announce the first ever tattoo exhibition occurring at the innovative Industry Show and High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup.

The event runs from April 16 thru 20, beginning with the two-day BIG Industry Show celebrating the 420 lifestyle’s leading business-to-businesses. The Galleria glass exhibition will follow on April 18. Featuring work of glass-blowing artists at the forefront of the marianna smoking industry, this day will be open to the public for the first time. The whole weekend concludes with the two-day U.S. Cannabis Cup on April 19 and 20.

Tattooing will be available at the event, beginning with that huge two day Industry Show. Featured tattoo stars scheduled to appear (and tattoo) include John Anderton, Forrest, Daniel Walker, El Whyner, Cesar Morales, Karl Berringer, Garrett Harper and many more.

The weekend will be held at the Denver Mart exhibition center. The huge event space is sure to see upwards of 30,000 for this get together of 420 advocates, tattoo fans and just the lay person interested in both smoke and tattoo ‘fashion’. This weekend will prove to be one of the most talked about events of early 2014, a true marriage of stylish cultures and mores.

Suffice it to say, all are welcome.

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