‘Granny’ Panties Anyone?

And here I have been on about this for years (read here).


Market research company NPD reports that women’s ‘high-cut brief’ sales have doubled in the past couple of years. There has been a spike in retro unmentionable sales, stuff that typically covers more ‘area’ sports a higher waistline and is generally considered more comfortable to the women wearing it: the dreaded ‘Granny’ Panties.

Certainly of late female celeb style setters have been setting a higher-waisted fuller pantied standard; though not the first lady singer to sport lingerie during a performance Miley Cyrus has been wearing fuller panties and longer shorts on stage or on the town of late; Taylor Swift has been seen in a retro, high-waisted bikini all summer; actresses like Amanda Seyfried and Sofia Vergara have shown-up on recent magazine covers in fuller ‘hot pants’.



And if you doubt retro is all the rage, just take a look around!

Has Spanx added to the trend, prompting a younger generation into considering the benefits of girdles of old? Is it simply that with the truly ultra sickly skinny look kind of on the outs the market place is catering ever more to a everyday ‘figured’ gal who might want a little something to smooth out a tummy?

In the end though it might just come down to comfort over trend. I have often queried of my buddies (at least those as old as I) when the high cut panty was replaced by the thong or booty shorts (ah, what a year that was!) but none of us can rightly recall. But now I wonder if we might all remember 2013 as the year ‘Granny’ Panties made a comeback.

A Taylor Swift -ian turn

As far as what passes for country music these days, I’m not sure it’s very close to what ole Hank Williams had in mind. But I give artists like The Apprentice winner Trace Adkins, Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain their due; there’s plenty of stuff coming at us all now, from fashion to music to movies and popular literature all pretty much mashed-up of different genres. Such is the case with modern country music, infused more and more with a pop-rock sound and the equally pop-star like quality of its stars.

Floppy blonde Taylor Swift fits the mold of slightly post tween pop country star better than anybody else. But beyond wondering who the lanky singer/songwriter is dating-or might be singing about after she breaks-up with them-lots is made of what the 23 year old star is wearing…specifically how she occasionally makes a sexy statement from her usual cutesy blonde waif look.

I say it’s a woman’s prerogative (and a man’s as well) to dress as they like and as much skirt the edge of naughty in their dress as not. But when you are a public figure people tend to make a big deal about any change to your dress or action and certainly young women have much more pressure on them then most when it comes to who they are, why they are and how they are wearing what they are wearing.

Of course one man’s sexy is another man’s rat tail, but T.S. attended the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto in a Herve Leger dress that certainly hugged her curves. See it here (2nd picture) and you’ll notice the vanilla colored piece sports vertical thick black bands, something none of us could get away with unless we had the figure.


The sandals are pretty hot as well!

I say all the more power to anyone dressing any which way they feel like. And more credit to Taylor Swift for ‘working’ whatever looks she feels like and making the press and paparazzi keep after as she does.

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Summertime Kicks


Forget about bikinis (ok, maybe not forget about them completely…God knows I can’t) but now that summer is here how ‘bout we talk fashionably bright, or is that brightly fashionable, sneakers and shoewear.

There’s Mel Shoes with an array of summery stuff like their Wiffle Ball plastic sneaker, their many different flip flops and sandals or their Lemon II brogue made of Melfex plastic carrying a bubble gum scent. Most recently partnering with Karl Lagerfeld (as well as with many other designers) lots of Mel’s shoes are still affordable.

Not that I’m about to opine about her music, but country/pop biggie Taylor Swift has a line of Taylor Swift for Keds and if anybody knows the sneaks, comfy shoes market it is Ked’s (they were the sneaker to beat when I was a youngin’ back before electricity was invented). Retailing for more than you might want to spend on sneakers or summer shoes, but still every bit as vibrant and cool (and another link-up with Ked’s) there are the Kate Spade for Keds kicks. Sold on line at Kate Spade Boutiques or higher-end department stores.

Not to leave the men out. Although I see plenty of guys rocking flip flops or the ubiquitous more-then-slightly frayed march-on-Woodstock like sandal, not so many of us (me among that ‘us’) are all that comfortable displaying our big flumpy Hobbit-like footsies to the world. Thank God I say for the closed-toe sandal. More or less a thin sneaker with holes, this is the perfect alternative for guys who wish their dogs to breath during the dog days of summer but keep exposure of their feet to respectable limits. Sure, a guy can wear just as skimpy a bathing-suit as a woman can, but lady’s look far superior in bikinis then men ever do in Speedos! At least with the sandals above we can be just as fashionable as our women can in their summer wear but not offend anybody.

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