Model Walks NYC City Streets San Pants Thanks to Model Pranksters

body of artFirst we had the actress Shoshana Roberts making her silent statement walking through NYC streets for ten hours through catcalls and men following her (see here). This past week we get model Leah Jung executing her own traipse through Manhatten wearing nothing from the wasit down but painted-on-jeans for a Model Pranskers video.

And New Yorkers pretty much not noticing.

Not that I am comparing the two staged events, but in another public/videod ‘prank’ executed by the infamous Model Pranksters ( the observant nature of New Yorkers was put into question. It seems nearly one million people have logged on to view Leah walking through busy Time Square, stopping in McDonald’s for lunch, even managing into “Forever 21” to ask a salesgirl where she can get the jeans she is wearing! Whether New Yorkers do not notice that Leah is pretty much naked, expertly painted as she is by The Body Art or that they don’t care, who can say. But really only one man seems to notice. as he snaps a quick cell phone pic of Leah’s bottom when she stands at a subway token machine not realizing the guy is behind her aiming his phone.

This Model Pranksters painted-on couture video garnered close to one million views in one day.

Surely this is not the first time a woman has taken to the busy streets of a city wearing very little, if nothing much at all. A model named Marie got her make-up artist friend to paint jeans on her (she wore a G-string though) to walk around the city of Lille in the north of France earlier this year. She was noticed though quite early on, giving one pause to consider what do the French recognize about fashion-or mode as they call it-(or the lack of it) and what Americans don’t.model pranksters