Itching For Clothes

Do clothes make the man…and women?

The iconic Marilyn Monroe “subway” dress the beautiful actress attempted to push down across her magnificent thighs (fortunately for us all not too well) in the 1955 Billy Wilder film “The Seven Year Itch” sold at auction this month for $4.6 million. Previous auction sellers were Claude Rain’s military suit from “Casablanca” (selling for a cool $55,000) and Audrey Hepburn’s Ascot dress from “My Fair Lady,” at $3.7 million.

We really do like our clothes, don’t we?

Clothes are our social uniform. They make us feel sexy, smart, competent. They can as much marry us to a time in our lives (taking out the old wedding dress or the stone-washed jeans we used to fit in back in our 80’s clubbing days) or act as a touchstone to culture icons, like Miss Monroe’s dress does.

But fashion is a fickle business. Old M.M. got lucky with that dress, but it is less the design we all remember of her subway moment but how her “Isn’t it delicious” and spinning filled our imaginations-and lusts-as the dress wavered over her perfectly thick gams. The latex and leather we feature in Von G. is of a more specific importance to a smaller population but if you’re reading this blog one has got to assume you are part of that population.

I refer you to and ivite you to have a look around.  Certainly the clothes we have for sale are not as well known as the subway dress, still some of the pieces might tickle your fancy, and might ignite your lusts in the very same way. This is not stuff that will blow-up your booty when a breeze blows, by but it is sexy all the same.

So here’s to dear sweet left-us-too-soon Marilyn Monroe and here’s to us all for appreciating all that clothes bring to our lives.