Meet Goddess Deanna Storm

We here at Von Gutenberg are tickled pink sometimes a full blushed red, (it depends on how hard that whip is falling across our…) for all the great people we get to work with. I have already told you about lots of them, especially the folks in our new issue #6. Designers, writers, photographers and our wonderful models all; I am honored to have worked with all these wonderfully talented folks and look forward to continuing to do so.

Now I have introduced you to the models we shot, at least with a preliminary essay about when I met the women to lube them (a tough job as I have said before, but one I suffer through) and in these past few weeks with more recent pieces of our cover girl MiMi Cherry and the provocative Miss Mischief. This week may I introduce you (well actually reintroduce you to) to Goddess Deanna Storm, our raven-haired hottie of issue 6?

Wearing a number of her own designs from The Storm Collection, created by Nemy of Latex Nemesis for lots of her pics in issue #6 you will see why Deanna Storm wears the title of Goddess well. An articulate woman who was gentle with me in ways I cannot begin to describe (she was the very first girl I lubed…well, at least for a magazine shoot) Deanna was a delight to behold, hold, hang with and lace-up. Deanna was actually the one who gave me the idea for the name of the band in my two stories in issue #6, Latex Camel Toe, as she joked about just that during her shoot (something I had to keep a keen eye on…another tough job to be sure).

So where might you see/find Goddess Deanna Storm? Well of course she adorns our Von Gutenberg #6 and that can be found here: as well as here:  




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